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Bomb Squad Opens Suspicious Package, Finds Kittens [Video]

A Florida bomb squad called to deal with a “suspicious package” found that it contained kittens.

The bomb squad quickly suited up and headed to the scene to defuse the situation. Once they arrived on scene, specialists found a box slightly stirring. There was no “tick-tock,” but a different familiar sound. Meow.

A quick examination by the experts determined the box’s contents was about to explode – with cute and cuddliness. Inside were two kittens, which the bomb squad manual states is more dangerous to a ball of yarn than to an office building.

I suspect that this is not in fact covered in the bomb squad manual, and that the writer of the above passage is merely having a jape or jest. It’s a good thing they didn’t follow actual bomb squad procedure and blow the box up, however.

(NBC Miami via BuzzFeed)

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