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‘Bluey’ Season 4 Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

The Heeler family on the beach in 'Bluey'

We’re all firm members of the cult of Bluey here at the Mary Sue, the cartoon show about a little blue heeler dog and her family in a canine-dominant AU version of Australia. The rumors that went around last year about season 3 being the end of the Heeler family’s story had us all alarmed. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be delighted-slash-relieved to know there is a fourth season coming up—and it should be out relatively soon.

Here’s everything we know about Bluey season 4 so far.

When will Bluey season 4 premiere?

We don’t have an exact date yet, but there’s speculation about season 4 airing sometime between August 2023 and early 2024. However, given that season 3 won’t have finished airing for the first time until June this year, the 2024 date is looking most likely. Sorry we don’t have anything firmer than that yet, we’ll let you know when we know more. (You should imagine the impatient Bluey noise being made here.)

Who’s been cast in Bluey season 4?

As far as we know, the main cast will be returning to Bluey for season 4, but as there haven’t been any announcements made yet, we don’t know for sure. The same goes for recurring characters and guest stars. Right now it’s all a bit of a mystery. That said, we can probably expect David McCormack and Melanie Zanetti to return as Bandit and Chilli, dad and mom of the Heeler clan. The younger pups are voice by children whose parents work on Bluey and aren’t credited because of their age.

Do we know anything about the plot of Bluey season 4?

No, so far we don’t know anything about the plotlines in season 4. This tracks with previous seasons, because the Bluey show runners don’t generally share upcoming storylines and new characters ahead of time. However, creator Joe Brumm has said that “Every episode generally starts from something I’m noticing in my kids’ life or my wife and I’s life that just keeps coming up,” so we’re likely to see more of the same immersive imaginative play, relatable (and funny) family drama, and Bluey and Bingo continuing to learn how to handle their emotions and navigate friendships that previous seasons have shown us.

What else do we know about Bluey season 4?

As with all beloved TV, there’s constant speculation that the latest series will be the last, but Brumm promised back in 2022 that there were no plans to end the show, and if there were, we’d hear it directly from them first. So there you have it. A new season of Bluey is coming out, hopefully soon.

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