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Bloomberg’s Brand Is Just … Embarrassing


An empty podium is set for Newly announced Democratic presidential candidate, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

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It’s always cringe-worthy when an old tries to speak in the tone and language of youth. And it’s gross when out of touch brands and celebrities try to be “cool” or funny. Add in a dash of complete assholery and you get the Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign. And it’s … yikes.

Bloomberg has spent approximately a bazillion dollars on his campaign, pouring absurd amounts of money into a blitz of everything from signs to mailers to ad and social media to carpet every state—not just those voting early—in his personal propaganda, but the tone of much of that advertising isn’t just out of touch, it’s embarrassing.

Take this for instance:

That’s sort of funny, but this is a damn presidential campaign. As satisfying as it may be to see a politician stoop to the level of Trump’s supporters, this does nothing but antagonize and make Bloomberg seem like an angry 10-year-old lobbing insults at a bully across the playground. It’s juvenile and in a race where America desperately needs an adult in the room, this just underlines that trading Trump for Bloomberg would indeed be switching out one childish, petty, New York Billionaire for another.

Bloomberg’s campaign has been dogged since its inception as a billionaire trying to buy an an election, and his social media is opening him up for even more mockery for that.

Yeah, Mike, it does deserve better … fewer oligarchs! And he gave twitter an opening to explain exactly why:

The specificity and twitter-speak of the “vandalism” of Bloomberg’s offices also have raised suspicion that the cries to “eat the rich” against him were created by his campaign and not real activists or protesters, who it has been pointed out, have better things to do. And that’s believable because Bloomberg has positioned his campaign as a direct response to the progressivism represented by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.


What’s next? “Let them eat cake” donut packs?

The contrast of how much money Bloomberg is pouring into his campaign and the good he could actually be doing in the world if he used his money for anything else than attacking the people he sees as a threat to his money is so stark. And America sees it. They see that this is a guy who could afford to help people but he’s using the money for a vanity presidential campaign at a time that proves he’s everything wrong with capitalism and the inequality in our country.

It remains to be seen how many people will fall for it.

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