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Let’s Talk About Michaela Coel’s Aneka in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

Michaela Coel as Aneka in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is finally here, and with that comes the introduction of Michaela Coel’s Aneka to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A character that comic book fans know and love, her entrance into the Marvel cinematic world has proven an interesting one for fans, wondering what aspects of her storyline would carry over from the comics to the movie.

While Coel is, as always, perfection, there were some key difference between Aneka’s comic story and what we see in Wakanda Forever, so let’s break down her origins from the comics to what we got to see with Aneka in the film.

Spoilers for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ahead!

Comics Aneka

In the comics, Aneka’s story is one of power and rebellion. Aneka was the combat instructor for the Dor before being thrown into the power shifts happening in Wakanda. Prior to being summoned to the Golden City, Aneka’s love for Ayo is realized, and the two have a relationship with each other.

She is tried for murder as a Dora Milaje when she killed the chieftain of a village (who was mistreating the women there). While Queen Ramonda still finds her guilty, despite Ayo defending Aneka to her, it sets both Ayo and Aneka on a path, as the Midnight Angels, to bring justice to the women of Wakanda and also has Aneka going through a journey with T’Challa to understand the king.

Her storyline is important in the comics for a number of reasons, one also being her relationship with Ayo which we get to see a glimpse of in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Movie Aneka

We don’t get to see Aneka’s rise to power in the Midnight Angels in the movie in the same way it is in the comics, but her storyline is still pretty awesome in Wakanda Forever. We see Coel’s Aneka first in a moment where the Dora Milaje are protecting vibranium from the French. In a research facility, scientists are working hard for Wakanda when suddenly they are under attack by people asking for vibranium.

Aneka plays her role as the scientist willing to do whatever they ask of her, only for it to be revealed that the vibranium in question is actually Okoye and the rest of the Dora ready to fight. Aneka didn’t bring her spear, though, and instead brought new small daggers that Shuri gave her to try out, and her excitement about the mission is instantly infectious.

From there, we get brief moments with her. She’s in the background or we get a moment here and there between her and Ayo—nothing to show they’re overtly romantic right off the bat, but as the movie goes on, there are more moments between them until finally, at the end, Ayo calls her her “love,” and Aneka gives her a kiss on the head.

What we also get from Aneka in Wakanda Forever is her first appearance as a Midnight Angel. Throughout the movie, Shuri teases Okoye with a new suit, and then later in the movie, when they are needed, Shuri explains that they are called the Midnight Angels, and Okoye recruits Aneka to help her in the fight against Namor.

So her comic history and her (now) cinematic debut are a bit different, but it feels good to have Aneka in Wakanda! Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a must-see!

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