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Watch Bit Bridgade Play Mega Man 2 Soundtrack During Live, On Stage Speedrun


I’ll bet you never thought gaming could be a part of performance art. I never would have thought it could be either, and if it somehow was, I would have expected it to be sort of lame, not mind-bendingly awesome. See, what the band Bit Brigade likes to do is play full video game soundtracks, but not just play them, they like to play them while someone plays a speedrun, live, on stage. That’s right, Bit Brigade has a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and a gamer.  Recently, a video of them playing Mega Man 2 surfaced, and it is a joy to behold. These heroes also perform Castlevania, Contra, and Ninja Gaiden. I’ve got to see them live.

Check out a 44 minute video of the Mega Man 2 performance below.

Check out the Bit Brigade website. Give these guys some love!

(via Topless Robot)

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