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Final Birds of Prey Trailer Gives Us All the Ladies Kicking Butt Together and It’s Beautiful

#BirdsOfPrey is in theaters February 7th, 2020.

We have the final official trailer for the upcoming Birds of Prey movie, and something very important was established in it: THE CANARY CRY! But also, I guess, the more connective tissue of how all these women end up working together.

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Most of the trailer’s beginning is about Harley, which makes sense because she’s the glue of the group, and how now that she’s broken up from Joker (it was totally mutual), she realizes that there are people who want her dead, including Roman Sionis, a.k.a. Black Mask. Sionis also has a vendetta against the other ladies because Renee Montoya is building a case against him, Dinah/Black Canary betrayed him, Helena/Huntress killed his best friend, and Cassie Cain stole from him.

It’s a ballroom blitz.

Guys, I wish I could pretend to be critical and nitpick things, but honestly, I’ve done that and we know that Harley’s accent ain’t what it should be, and I miss Babs being the lead. All that aside, when I look at the product that is being advertised, I’m happy with it.

Since Aquaman came out, I’ve enjoyed watching DC finally infusing genuine fun and glee into the extended universe, while also taking advantage of the super diverse roster of characters they have in their safe. The costumes may not be “comic book” accurate, but they have a lot of personality and look like something these women would wear. Everything Dinah has been shown to wear looks good and very in line with the sexy but functional style.

Also, maybe it’s just the fact that Margot Robbie’s real, genuine personality makes me enjoy her, but I also find this version of Harley to be more interesting the more I see her. All her silly dialogue in the trailer seems like something she would say in the animated series she originated in. I think the screenwriter is really highlighting the fun, childish, companion-loving person that is a part of Harley’s messy character.

I’m also glad to see more of Renee and Cassie; they are the two characters I’m most anxious about. The comic book movie world has been so bad about LGBTQ representation, so I’m hoping that Renee being a lesbian will be presented in the film in some way. For Cassie, she’s so different from her comic book counterpart that I’m just looking forward to seeing the new energy and characterization they have chosen.

Basically, I am fangirling over this movie, and I hope it does well so that we can get more movies like this—fun DC movies that pull from the lesser-known vanon rather than always pulling from the same heroes and villains. I have my fingers and toes crossed for when the film drops in February.

I’m rooting so hard for you ladies; don’t mess it up!

(image: screenshot/Warner Bros.)

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