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Bill de Blasio Wants New Yorkers to Go on a Freezing “Winter Adventure” to Eat Outside at Restaurants

Bill de Blasio

It is currently snowing in New York City. It’s cold and snowing, and we’re in the middle of a pandemic. So, most everyone should be encouraged to stay inside and stay safe and warm, right? Well, no, apparently. Completely out-of-touch Mayor Bill de Blasio is encouraging New Yorkers to go on a “winter adventure” to eat outdoors, at night, in the middle of a pandemic when cases are rising (there were over 82,000 cases in New York City in the last 13 days).

Here is actual footage of the people who listen to de Blasio and go on a “winter adventure”:

(Warner Bros.)

Instead of encouraging people to go out in the cold and engage in a necessarily mask-free activity, what if you did literally anything else, Bill? Right now, New York is worse than it was when we got daily press briefings and were constantly told to stay inside and stay six feet apart. What’s changed? Has everyone just gotten tired of caring?

What if the government paid for people to stay home and helped businesses instead of encouraging the people of New York to quite literally risk their lives to either make money/go out to eat? Right now, he’s saying that forcing restaurants to keep outdoor dining an option and subjecting the wait staff to the cold/potentially the virus is more important than everyone’s health and wellbeing. But also that you shouldn’t be parking on the streets because of the storm?


Look, I get it. We’re all exhausted. We’re coming up on a year of this. Trust me. I’d love to get on a plane and go somewhere and just go back to normal. But the more people pull this shit, the more they stop caring? That’s longer that we’re in this mess. New Zealand and Australia basically have no restrictions anymore because they had a strict lockdown and got the virus under control. That could’ve been us!

Bill de Blasio is not able to run for reelection (thank God), and I cannot wait until he’s gone. This nonsense has fully pushed me over the edge because encouraging people to go out and put everyone at risk in the middle of a pandemic is next-level absurdity, and that’s impressive coming from a mayor like de Blasio.

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