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Twitter Is Tearing Bike Cops Apart and I, Personally, Love to See It

Thomas Lennon in Reno 911

I don’t know who thinks to themselves “I would love to be a bike cop,” but there are apparently those people out there. They’re the cops who try to run you down on the beach for, like, sitting on the sand where you’re not supposed to or walking your dog in the bike lane. I don’t actually know what their purpose is, and I don’t care enough to look it up, because the point is: How are you a cop on a bike? Are you arresting someone and handing them rollerblades to follow behind you on? What’s the point???

That being said, bike cops have led to one of the funniest videos on the internet right now. The “elite of the elite” of the Miami police rode up to the camera on their bikes chanting “move back,” and despite how dangerous cops have proven themselves to be lately doing things just like this,

this attempt to look tough for the cameras is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed—especially since one of them cannot get off a bike in an easy fashion.

This is the same energy:

In fact, many fans of Reno 911! have taken to mocking this video (as well as a lot of other things happening right now) with clips from the show, because Reno 911! did a great job of making cops look like, appropriately, like absolute imbeciles.

What’s great about this video isn’t a bunch of cops making a fool of themselves (well, that’s part of it), but it’s that someone somewhere watched it and said to themselves “This is it, this is the one” when there was almost a pile-up of cops because the one swung his bike out too much. I’m sorry, but have you guys just like … not been riding bikes for that long? It’s not that hard to dismount.

Twitter came up with a plethora of jokes about the video, because let’s be honest: It’s funny as all hell.

Anyway, imagine thinking bike cops (or any cops for that matter) are the elite of the elite. That’s hilarious. For even more of the schadenfreude you might need right now, you can just search “cops falling off bikes” online.

(image: Comedy Central)

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