Yes, It’s True. This Man Has No Dick. Also, Watch this Video of the 100 Greatest Movie Insults

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It’s only the best of videos that gives me an excuse to use a Ghostbusters quote as the headline and a shot from the insult-tastic British film In the Loop as the image. Thankfully a new video has given me just the excuse I need. Entitled “The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time,” the video is 10 minutes of awesome NSFW (unless you own good headphones) glory.

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The video was edited together by Harry Hanrahan, a British editor who apparently spends every second of his waking day either timecoding DVDs for their funniest lines or buying DVDs with funny lines for which to timecode. He’s previously completed such Herculean tasks as editing together “The 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes of All Time” and “The 100 Greatest Quotes From The Wire. His latest is just as wondrous. And the best part? If you disagree that these are the best insults of all time, Hanrahan has 100 perfect responses just lined up for you.

The full list of movies used is at Pajiba who also have links to Hanrahan’s other videos. Check them all out.

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