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Gotta Build ’em All: The 13 Best Mega Bloks Pokémon Sets, Ranked

I wanna be the very best. You know, the kind that no one ever was. What’s my test? To catch them. Catch what? Zoonautic diseases? No! The Pokémon that carry them! Before I got out catcing real ones, I’ll practice with these Mega Blok sets.

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13. Every Eevee Evolution

a MEGA set of Every Eevee Evolution from "Pokemon"

Every Eevee Evolution? That’s so many Evees! Including regular little Eevee! Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon and my favorite … Umbreon. You can master (almost) all of the Pokémon types just by buying one set of Mega Bloks! Still no dragon Eevee. Or steel. Or ghost. But something tells me there’s a reason for that. They sound like they would be disturbing to look at.

12. Squirtle Evolution Building Set

Squirtle Evolution Building Set from "Pokemon"

While it’s not twelve Eevees or whatever, you can trade quantity for QUALITY with the Squirtle Evolution Building Set. Squirtle is an OG. A first-generation starter Pokémon. And he evolves into the only Pokémon (that I know of) that is actually exercising its 2nd Amendment rights: Blastoise. With these Pokémon at your doorstep, those damn kids will stay off your lawn for GOOD.

11. Tyranitar

A MEGA model of Tyranitar from "Pokemon"

While Tyranitar isn’t one of the original 150, it has managed to capture our hearts nonetheless. What makes Tyranitar so great? He captures the essence of the real-life monster that has real-life children’s imaginations in a stranglehold: the T-Rex. He’s just a cuter little Jurassic beast! Besides, can a real T-Rex shoot laser beams out of its mouth? While science doesn’t know for certain, that’s likely a no.

10. Lapras

A MEGA model of Lapras from "Pokemon"

Lapras runs laps around the competition. Any OG Pokémon game players know that Lapras was an essential Pokémon to have in your arsenal due to its “surf” ability. All those across the waters places that you couldn’t reach? Lapras could take you there. As long as you were okay with fighting through armies of Tentacruels. Never back down from a nautical fight.

9. Mew vs. Mewtwo Clash

MEGA models of Mew vs Mewtwo from "Pokemon" (LEGO)

Speaking of fights, the Mew vs. Mewtwo Clash is a legendary battle whose reverberations have been felt across generations of Pokémon fans. The battle was the plot of perhaps the most emotional Pokémon movie in existence. Not even a heart of stone could resist shedding a tear when Ash Ketchum got turned into a rock. Need a good cry? Just take a look at this set to remind yourself of the most tragic moment in franchise history.

8. Magikarp

A MEGA model of Magikarp from "Pokemon"

Magikarp. The ultimate “I can fix him” Pokémon. He’s an investment. He’s like a failure-to-launch child who just needs a little bit of love. A lot of love. A LOT. So many hours spent grinding to give this thing the necessary experience points to level up in a Gyrados. But it’s worth it. Keep this dude on your mantle to remind yourself to never give up, even when the going gets tough and you feel like all you can do is splash around. If Magikarp can do it, you can too.

7. Scyther

A MEGA model of Scyther from "Pokemon"

Scyther no scything! He isn’t listening, considering scything is what this Mega set is made for. This scyther has a moveable cutting arm! Sharpen it to a razor’s edge to mow your lawn! Shave your legs! Ward off a would-be mugger! The possibilities are endless!

6. Bulbasaur Evolution Set

A MEGA model of a Bublasaur Evolution Building Set from "Pokemon"

Bulbasaur. Perhaps the greatest Pokémon ever created. This little plantfrogturtle has captured the hearts of thousands of trainers across the land. What better way to celebrate the little guy than with the Bulbasaur Evolution Set? See him transform before your eyes into the descendingly less cute Ivysaur and Venusaur. Or just throw those others away and keep him as your little baby Bulbasaur forever.

5. Lucario

A MEGA model of Lucario from "Pokemon"

Name me a more charismatic Pokémon than Lucario. I’ll wait. What is it about this spikey blue wolf warrior that just commands respect? Put him on the desk at your office and all of your subordinates quake in fear at your intimidating aura. Not good enough? Press the button on the back of the set to make Lucario launch into a spinning attack. That’ll show ’em.

4. Gyarados

A MEGA model of Gyarados from "Pokemon"

The fruits of your Magikarp labor: Gyarados. Any Pokémon game player knows the brutal tedium of getting your Magikarp to evolve into this glorious sea dragon. With this set, you can skip all the monotonous level grinding and have a Gyarados immediately! But will owning it feel as good if you didn’t work for it? Yes, probably.

3. Charmander

A MEGA model of Charmander from "Pokemon"

Charmander. One of the most heartwarming Pokémon in the franchise. Literally. This Gen 1 Pokémon has captured the hearts of series fans ever since we watched him struggle to keep his tail flame from going out in the rain. And now? You can adopt him as your own chubby little lizard son. You’ll never have to worry about his tail flame going out again. It’s plastic!

2. Pikachu

A MEGA model of Pikauchu from "Pokemon"

You know what makes this Pikachu so special? It MOVES. This Mega set is the only one that I’ve seen with built in motion controls! So cool! This Pikachu is able to run in place on its stand! All you have to do is turn the hand crank and watch his little legs go! But is he running to something? Or away? That’s for him and his therapist to discuss.

1. Charizard

A MEGA model of Charzard from "Pokemon"

Charizard. The coolest of the original 150. It’s a flying fire dragon. What could be better? If the Pokémon animated series taught us anything, it taught us that Charzards are like cats. Charmanders are sweet as little kittens, but they grow up to be aloof Charzards that aren’t just gonna give you respect. You have to earn it. And you know what? Fair. If I was a full-grown adult fire-breathing lizard I wouldn’t let some 10-year-old kid from Pallet Town boss me around. That would be embarrassing.

Charizard taught Ash a valuable lesson. Just because you caught a Pokémon doesn’t mean that you own it. You still gotta treat it with respect. How could you not respect this Mega Charizard model? Its got posable appendages!

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