LEGO Wildflower Bouquet set

The Best Flower Lego Sets This Year: Our Top 15 Picks

As summer blooms along with our allergies, we wanted to take a look at some magnificent flowers that don’t require medication to enjoy. These are the best Lego flower sets this year, with vibrant florals, unique flowers, and challenging builds.

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#15 Tulips

LEGO Tulips set

If you’re going to build some flowers that share the same color petals and stems, it’s good to start with the tulips. Don’t let the simplicity of this set fool you, because she’s still 111 pieces to complete all three of the tulips. Little details like the pistils and special side leaves add to this charming trio.

#14 Pair of Roses

LEGO Roses set

While we’re peeping smaller Lego flower sets this year, the pair of roses is a romantic essential for any floral Lego collection. Another simple build like the tulips, but with fewer colors to choose from. These roses are a fun and sweet little floral pair that adds a touch of elegance to your Lego floral collection.

#13 Lotus Flowers

LEGO Lotuses set

The lotus flowers are a step above the tulips and roses for one reason: they include more than one stage of a lotus flower’s bloom. The set includes a lotus bud and two big lotus flowers, one pink and one white. This Lego flower set has several specific petal pieces to get the look of the lotus just right.

#12 Daffodils

LEGO Daffodils flowers set

These Lego daffodils are sweet and bright, with delicate leaves that look just like the real daffodils’ sharp green leaves. This is another Lego flower set that looks simple but takes more work than we might assume at first glance. At 216 pieces, many of which are the same shade of green, the Lego daffodils need a little more time to complete.

#11 Cherry Blossoms

LEGO Cherry Blossoms set

The Lego cherry blossoms are as delicate, tiny, and needy as real cherry blossom buds. This set has two cherry blossom twigs, one white and one pink, and the builds are very similar for each twig. This set is double the size of the lotus flowers at 438 pieces. And those Lego pieces are tiny, require accuracy, and in some cases seem to be the size of a pin head (I’m looking at you, cherry blossom buds). This set is one you don’t want to miss if you enjoy the challenge of Lego precision.

#10 Flower Trellis Display

LEGO Flower Trellis Display set

The flower trellis Lego set is unique for a couple of reasons: first, it’s the only Lego flower trellis set that exists and second, it’s the only Lego flower set that doesn’t have specifically named flowers. These floral-inspired Lego flowers were created just for this trellis set. The flower trellis isn’t hard to put together and is a great set to build with your kids.

#9 Tiny Plants

LEGO Tiny Plants set

This is one of the most fun Lego flower sets you can build this summer. With 758 pieces and nine little plants to build and display, the “Tiny Plants” set contains a wide range of build difficulty. Start off simple with the Venus fly trap, move up to the prickly pear cactus level, and then advance to the red orchid cactus. These little LEGO plants are inspired by some of LEGO’s favorite arid, tropical, and carnivorous species. And every one of them comes in their own little pot! So cute!

#8 Succulents

Lego Succulents set

Another fantastic Lego flower set for fans of challenging builds is the “Succulents” set. Much like “Tiny Plants”, this set also has nine unique plants to display individually or all together. Inspired by succulents like aloe vera, red lion, artichoke agave, red moon cactus, and more, this LEGO flower set is definitely for succulent fans. Unlike “Tiny Plants” these succulents don’t get their own kitschy plant pot, but they do have a base for display. With numerous succulents, this little set is only 6 inches wide when the plants are clustered together. The smallness of the pieces is a great challenge with over 700 to manage!

#7 Bonsai Tree

LEGO Bonsai Tree set

Tending the Lego bonsai tree feels similar to tending a real bonsai tree: it takes accuracy, knowledge, and care. This Lego flower set offers the bonsai tree in bloom or with its green branches. The bonsai tree set is not for the faint of heart, since there are many of the same pieces alongside extremely unique one-time pieces that are used to compose this tree and its twisted branches. It’s worth the work however. This tiny bonsai tree is very satisfying to tend, especially after it’s been built and it’s time to change the branches with the season.

#6 Flower Bouquet

LEGO Flower Bouquet set

The Lego flower bouquet is the first in this list to be a tough challenge even for advanced Lego builders. If you thought that the cherry blossoms were super tiny or that the bonsai tree was a little repetitious, you’re in for a treat with this Lego flower set. Soft blush roses accompany snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies, and leafy greens to cushion this bouquet. There are fifteen whole stems with florals in this colorful delight, and it’s only 756 pieces to boot. Another fun feature of the flower bouquet is its posable flower petals!

#5 Dried Flower Centerpiece

LEGO Dried Flowers set

OK, so this isn’t necessarily a summery floral set, but the Lego dried flower centerpiece set is a touch above its former list mates. This is the only centerpiece-style LEGO flower set you can get and build, and it looks better than most organic autumn centerpieces I’ve seen. Gerbera and rose blooms are the feature, softened with tiny orange and yellow buds, and earthy grains are the base. Green and red leaves complete the color palette in this formal arrangement.

#4 Rose Bouquet


This Lego rose bouquet is the number three most-gifted item in artificial flowers on Amazon for a reason. The details on these roses are not to be missed: there are three stages of roses in this bouquet. From early bud to mid-bloom to full-bloom, this set includes them all. Baby’s breath accompanies this romantic bouquet of a dozen Lego roses. At 822 pieces and with adjustable stem lengths, this Lego flower set makes roses feel like they’re anything but basic.

#3 Wildflower Bouquet

LEGO Wildflower Bouquet set

Yes, the “Wildflower Bouquet” and the “Flower Bouquet” are two different Lego sets. They each have a similar build in that you’re creating floral blooms on the end of stems. But that doesn’t mean that every stem is the same, and these Lego wildflowers are even more challenging than the more traditional bouquet of roses, daisies, and the rest. This Lego wildflower set clocks in at 939 pieces and includes wild blooms such as Larkspur, lupines, cornflowers, Welsh poppies, ferns, lavender, and more. The best part of the wildflower bouquet is that there are so many blooms you can create multiple bouquets from the set!

#2 Orchid

LEGO Orchid set

Ah, the orchid: a notoriously fussy and challenging plant that blooms but twice a year. Her Lego flower set counterpart is no different. From the plant pot architecture to the tendrils of orchid branches to the dainty little blooms, this orchid is for Lego builders who take their time. It can take some time to put together this dainty flower since the set contains many pieces of the same color and requires building multiple blooms, leaves, and buds. Just like the IRL orchid, this set will eventually bloom. Unlike a real orchid, the Lego blooms will stay as long as you want them to!

#1 Birds of Paradise

LEGO Birds of Paradise flowers set

The “Birds of Paradise” is by far the largest Lego set on this list at 18 inches tall and 1173 pieces. This LEGO flower set is the most satisfying of them all, with its little plant pot details and beautiful blooms that look just like the real popular houseplant Bird of Paradise. As with some of the other Lego flower sets, the blooms on the Bird of Paradise are adjustable. If you end up building this set, give yourself plenty of time for the big leaves and stems since there are many green pieces in this set that look alike. But it’s absolutely worth it when you put that finishing touch on the final Bird of Paradise flower and choose where to display this delightful floral behemoth.

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