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The 14 Greatest, Most Awesome Disney Squishmallows Around

Three Squishmallows made to look like the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus

Combining Disney and Squishmallows was a genius moment for someone. The collision of these two fandoms, with their complimentary forms of cuteness, was bound to produce absolutely rabid joy and acquisitiveness even in the Disney fans who normally don’t care for Squishmallows, and the ‘mallow fans who don’t really think about Disney beyond a warm nostalgia. Just a brilliant idea all around, bravo.

Of course, with the expansion of Disney over the years, this crossover collection isn’t just limited to classic Disney characters. There’s a bunch of Star Wars in there, as well, so naturally, I had to include some. (Star Wars also benefits greatly from being made over into Squishmallow form).

Now, just in case you got here from googling “What the hell even is a Squishmallow” or something similar, here’s your obligatory rundown. Squishmallows are the egg-shaped, ultra soft plushies with a cult following that you can find all over TikTok. Available in hundreds of designs, all with adorable faces, cute little backstories and squishy marshmallow-like stuffing, people are obsessed with collecting them—and here’s a rundown of the cutest, coolest-looking Disney Squishmallows around.

14. Sally

A blue skinned patchwork doll Squishmallow with red hair

Eternally popular among grown up emo kids, baby goths, and Tim Burton fans, The Nightmare Before Christmas has spawned a whole set of Squishmallows—and Sally is the cutest of them all. Condensing her down into simplified Squishmallow form really enhances her patchwork nature, and rounding her out into the classic egg shape makes her even more appealing and huggable. While Halloween is still months away, it’s never too early to start planning your decor, and Sally, plus her other Nightmare Before Christmas friends, might make a great addition to it.

13. Nemo

Nemo Squishmallow - an orange clown fish with big eyes

The cutest fish in the world, weirdly, Nemo didn’t need much of a design change to take life as a Squishmallow. If his adorable little face weren’t enough, his relentlessly hopeful, never-give-up approach to life is irresistibly charming. Nemo just begs to be hugged even when he’s not a Squishmallow, so it’s the perfect combination.

12.–10. The Sanderson Sisters

Three Squishmallows made to look like the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson sisters are sharing one spot on this list because if the most recent movie has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t separate them. Evil, child soul-eating monsters they may be, but you have to admit that in Squishmallow form, the Sanderson sisters are just so cute. With their round little bodies and cute smiles, or in Winifred’s case her prominent teeth, they even look like harmless little friends that will sit on your desk and not convince you to commit acts of unspeakable evil at all.

9. Chewbacca

Chewbacca in Squishmallow form. Rounded and brown with a minimalist belt and open roaring mouth.

Where was this when I was a tween/teen? No, seriously, Chewie in Squishmallow form is ridiculously cute. He’s like a chibified version of his already adorable self, like he’s trying to rawr threateningly but his adorable sparkly eyes just take all the threat right out. I want to love him and squeeze him and watch an original trilogy marathon with him.

8. Ursula

Ursula, the drag queen squid bodied mermaid, in Squishmallow form

She’s amazing. While the Ariel Squishmallow is honestly a little creepy, and not in a good way, Ursula is just fantastic. Look at her wicked little face with those scheming eyebrows! The drag queen glam eyeshadow and beauty mark they managed to work into her simplified design. Unlike the Sanderson sister’s they’ve actually managed to keep Ursula sinister looking as well as cute and that’s a pretty hard balance to strike. I want her to plot world domination with me!

7. Elsa

A blonde human Squishmallow in a blue dress, holding a smaller snowman Squishmallow

Maybe Elsa is the most basic Disney princess to like, but her Squishmallow form is delightful. From the details on her braid and dress, complete with little embroidered snowflake and iridescent cape, to her bright blue eyes and the blush embroidered into her cheeks, she’s unusually complex for a Squishmallow. The thing that really puts her ahead of the other Squishmallow princesses, however, is the tiny Squishmallow Olaf that comes with her. I’m a sucker for tiny things, and they really bring out the adorable in each other.

6. Minnie Mouse Witch

A Minnie Mouse Squishmallow in a purple witch's hat and cloak

There’s a lot of different Mickey and Minnie Squishmallows, but I think the Minnie Mouse Witch version is the cutest of them. Her face references the design of the older vintage Mickey and Minnie toys and is sort of delicate looking as a result, while her little witch’s hat and purple cape are adorable. The little cat’s head brooch holding her cape shut is a nice extra touch, too.

5. Toy Story Alien

A green alien Squishmallow, with three eyes, an antenna and a blue space suit.

You’re lying if you claim you didn’t come away from watching Toy Story wanting one of these. The cute little aliens that fill up the claw machine, that all move in unison and want to be taken to your leader? Now you can take one home, complete with a daft little smile and antenna on top of his head that looks inviting to flick and fiddle with while you watch tv.

4. Grogu

Baby Yoda/Grogu Squishmallow, with large ears and a brown coat with a furry jacket.

Another Star Wars entry, because I want to and I can, Grogu, a.k.a. Baby Yoda, is already cute enough in his regular form that his Squishmallow self doesn’t actually kick it up a notch. Instead, both versions of him are equally cute. I love his big curious eyes, and the fur detail on his collar. Plus, if you get him in Squishmallow form, you can actually fulfill the desire to squeeze him as tight as possible, which arose in you the moment you first saw him (don’t lie).

3. Sven the Reindeer

A reindeer Squishmallow wearing a sweater

Even though he’s not the most sought after character outside of the Squishmallow kingdom, Sven’s still made it to the middle of this list just because his transformation into a Squishmallow worked really, really well. He’s so three dimensional for a Squishmallow, from his horns to his nose to the stripe of fur on the top of his head. Plus, he’s wearing his cute little Christmas sweater. He’d make a great winter holiday/seasonal decoration, as well as a friend to hug.

2. Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell Squishmallow, with blonde hair piled on top of her head, blue eyes and a sparkly green dress.

They’ve captured Tinkerbell’s small size compared to the human characters by making her extra round, and it just makes you want to pinch her! The nice thing about Tinkerbell is that depending on whether you go by the movie or the TV show, she’s either sweet, kind, and helpful, or an id-fueled menace—so basically powered by the same duality that fills us all. Tinkerbell, like us, contains multitudes! Also her dress is sparkly.

1. Marie (The Aristocats)

A white cat Squishmallow with a pink bow and collar

Next, from Disney classic The Aristocats, is sass icon Marie; she of the “ladies don’t start fights but they can finish them” fame. I love Marie, and she translates into Squishmallow form really well (naturally, Squishmallows are pretty much expert at cats now). We could all use the confidence of a tiny cat, absolutely convinced she can rock your shit in battle but equally certain that doing so is beneath her dignity. Plus, her little pink collar, and massive pink bow, are really cute.

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