The 10 Best Anime Fox Girls, Ranked by How Likely They Are To Outfox You

You seem like you’re easy to fool. I mean, judging by your interest in this article alone, you’re probably a furry. Or at least you’re close. Furries are some of the easiest people on the planet to hoodwink. Why? Because they want to be.

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Think about it. Furries like the idea of dressing up as animals and getting busy with each other. They know that they aren’t actually animals, but they will willingly fall for someone in an animal costume because that’s what they’re into. And no shame there! Furries do great things for the world, namely trolling Donal Trump. So, to celebrate all of our foxy furry anime lovers, I’m ranking the cleverest fox girls of all time, by how likely they are to outfox you.

10. Holo – Spice and Wolf

Holo and Kraft riding in a cart

Kickong off our list is Spice and Wolf’s ever-so-clever Holo! Holo is a 300-year-old deity and is responsible for bringing bountiful harvests to rural villages. She fell out of favor with the local population after a few bad harvests, and now travels the country with her “I swear we’re just friends” companion, Kraft Lawrence. Kraft and Holo are traveling merchants, and outfox everybody in order to get the best deals on goods in town. There’s even a part of the anime where she turns into a giant w-wait a minute … this girl is a WOLF GODDESS! BUT SHE’S GOT FOX-COLORED EARS!? Though you could fool me, eh? Well, you’re gonna have to get up pretty early to pull the fur over my eyes.

9. Koto – Yu Yu Hakasho

koto making an announcement in the arena

Okay so Holo fooled us, but Koto is definitely a fox girl, right? I mean, she lives in the spirit world. Good sign. She has li’l fox ears. Okay. And then she also has a little pointy fox tooth! These seem to pass acceptable fox girl standards. The problem is, she is never officially called a fox spirit in the world of Yu Yu Hakasho, so she COULD be trying to outfox us and might actually just be a really pretty possum? Either way, points for trying.

8. Chizuru – Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox

chizuru minamoto smiling giddily

Now we’ve got one! A bona fide fox girl! Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox’s Chizuru is a kitsune, which is a fox spirit from Japanese legend. She’s may look like a bebe, but she’s actually over 400 years old! Fooled you, huh? Unlike some of her vulpine compatriots, she is actually quite a straight shooter. She is front footed about her romantic feelings towards the protagonist Kouta, saying she wishes to enter into a “relationship of sin.” I’m glad that she’s going against her nature and not playing games with her partner’s heart—but she could, believe me. She’s been around the block more than once in four centuries.

7. Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari – Hyper Police

sakura boku with a revolver wanting to know if you feel lucky

Hyper Police’s Sakura is a hard boiled law enforcement agent who carries a sweet-looking Dirty Harry revolver wherever she goes. Needless to say, she’s real good at outfoxing crime. I’m sure she goes especially hard on poachers and illegal fur traders. If you’re in that game, better back out now.

6. Yuzu – Konohana Kitan

Yuzu stares at you adorably

Konohana Kitan’s Yuzu was outfoxing people when she was but a wee babe! She was found abandoned in the snow by a nun named Bikini (yes, that’s her name), who took her in and raised her as a human girl. Nice one! She outfoxed an agent of the Catholic Church! She’d rank higher on this list, but she’s a bit of a klutz. She lacks the grace to truly outfox someone if she’s gonna knock shit over while she’s doing it.

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5. Yukikaze Panettone – Dog Days

Yukukaze putting on her gauntlets and smiling
(seven arcs)

Despite this anime’s name, Yuki is a fox! I double checked! Didn’t want any more wolf/dog girls sneaking onto this list and making a fool outta me. So, Yuki is somewhat of a secret agent. She works for the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. By definition, anything secret is meant to outfox and fool people. It’s part of the design. She looks sweet an innocent, but don’t be fooled! She’s a close combat fighter and will kick the tar out of you!

4. Senko – Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Senko-chan cooks dinner for your worthless ass
(Doga Kobo)

Senko is 800 years old, one of the oldest fox girls on this list! Needless to say, she’s got experience when it comes to wool and pulling it over people’s eyes. She showed up in order to help a local mediocre dude, Kuroto, better his life. So, she helps him out with stuff around the house. Why? Because she thinks it’s a good deed.

It isn’t a free trade, though. Some of her other fox friends have taken an interest in Kuroto, and they’re not all sunshine and rainbows. While she didn’t outfox Kuroto herself, she opened the door for some pretty serious outfoxings. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

3. Dakki – Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Dakki smiling and pretending to not be evil
(Studio Deen)

Dakki is really good at outfoxing people. After all, she’s referred to by many as “The Genius.” You don’t get that title if you haven’t bammed your fair share of boozles and hooded more than a couple winks. In fact, she loves messing with people. Why? Because she’s straight-up evil. This girl literally builds torture devices in order to get what she wants outta people. Yikes. At least she loves her sisters, though. Gotta be loyal to somebody, right?

2. Tamamo no Mae – Omamori Himari

Tamamo no Mae smiling subtly

So Tamamo no Mae is the most famous kitsune in Japanese folklore. She is one of the three most powerful spirits in Japan. She looks cute and childish, but she could swallow up an entire forest of spirits in on gulp. Yikes. Those guys should consider themselves outfoxed due to the sheer orders of magnitude of difference between their power and Tamamo no Mae’s.

1. Kuugen Tenko – Wagaya no Oinari-Sama

kuugen laying in bed

Kuugen is the oldest kitsune on this list. She has lived for over a thousand years. She’s seen entire kingdoms rise and fall! She has experienced everything that there is to experience! She is a literal guardian diety! She’s also able to use every single type of magic imaginable! Luckily for us, she’s really sweet. She’s never once used her powers for evil, and only performs magic for the betterment of humanity. Needless to say, everyone falls in love with her. She’s outfoxed the heart of every human who has ever laid eyes on her true form, and isn’t love the greatest outfoxing of them all?

(featured image: Doga Kobo)

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