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Casting Leak! Signs Point to Benicio Del Toro Returning as The Collector in Avengers: Infinity War


At this point, it might be easier to list off which Marvel movie characters won’t be appearing in Avengers: Infinity War. The current cast list includes a ton of familiar names; this mega Marvel crossover event will be featuring almost every superhero that we’ve seen in the already-extensive MCU, plus some we haven’t seen yet, like Captain Marvel.

Here’s another great name to add to the cast list: Benicio Del Toro will be reprising his role as The Collector! Or, at least, that’s what some very credible reports suggest.

We first saw this enigmatic character in Thor: The Dark World and then, later, in Guardians of the Galaxy. To jog your memory, I’ve included Marvel Entertainment’s featurette video up top that explains his character a little bit. He hasn’t had a huge role in any movie up until now, but he certainly captured fans’ attention with his over-the-top fashion sense and his eclectic personal museum full of supernatural objects… and supernatural beings. Plus, his allegiances and motivations are mysterious, and that’s always fun to see unfolding in the background of a big action flick.

According to this Reddit post, Josh Brolin (who is playing Thanos) was the one who spilled the beans on his Instagram by mentioning that he was working with Benicio Del Toro tomorrow. The Instagram post in question appears to have mysteriously disappeared… but this photo of Benicio Del Toro at an Atlanta-based record store proves that he’s in the area, and probably filming some scenes for Marvel.

It makes total sense that The Collector would show up in Infinity War, since the plot revolves around Infinity Stones. We already know The Collector has his own designs on, well, collecting those. We don’t yet know how his collecting tendencies play into the larger plot, or whether he might be working with Thanos, or trying to stop Thanos, or what.

Since Del Toro’s name hasn’t appeared on any official casting notices yet, it sounds like the Marvel team plans to keep this entire aspect of the narrative under wraps for as long as possible. Whoops?

(via /Film, image via screencap)

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