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Monday Cute: Bender’s Baby (No, Not Like When He Adopted Kids. No, Not Like When He Was a Baby)



At this point in Futurama’s history, we’ve got a lot of back history to draw on, and while it might not be on the level of “The Simpsons Did It” (an episode of South Park where the B plot is entirely founded on the number of crazy plots that have appeared on the show), there’s still things to think about here. In an episode where Bender and a vending machine have a robot baby (and now that I think about it some more I’m not sure why I felt the need to specify that it was a robot…) what are the odds that there will be any references made to that time that Bender adopted twelve orphans in order to collect the cumulative $1,200 a week government stipend, or the time that Bender and Amy lead the robosexual revolution. Or that time that we saw Bender himself as a baby. Or that time that the whole crew were babies.

Well, either way, I’m counting this bucktoothéd be-diapered half bending robot half vending machine who I hope is named Vender as today’s Monday Cute. I mean, look at it playing with blocks:

Oh, did I mention that Futurama is back next Wednesday?

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