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Things We Saw Today: Ben Barnes Breaking the Ice With the Shadow and Bone Cast With a Steve Buscemi Meme Is a Mood

He really said, "How do you do, fellow kids?"

Ben Barnes in Shadow and Bone

So Ben Barnes is 39 years old. When he joined the cast of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone as General Kirigan, he was thrust into a foreign country where he didn’t know anyone and was significantly older than the rest of his cast mates. So, what did the Sirius Black of my dreams do to make sure he got invited to the cast dinner parties? He texted everyone with the Steve Buscemi gif from 30 Rock.

For reference:

how do you do fellow kids


Now, if you’ve been on the internet for as long as I have, you probably know Ben Barnes from any number of Tumblr fan casts throughout the years (or you’ve also cried over Logan on Westworld). But knowing that he was, essentially, just “happy to be included” in the cast hangouts is delightful. Ben Barnes, you have an open invitation to my dinner parties. Just send the Buscemi gif before you head over.

According to Rotten Tomatoes:

“Once he arrived in Budapest, he and the cast quickly became close — especially after he made it abundantly clear that although he was a decade or so older than most of them, he still wanted to hang out. In fact, he sent the Steve Buscemi GIF from 30 Rock — you know, the one where he has a backwards cap and a skateboard and says “how do you do, fellow kids” — as an ice breaker to the group chat.

“I was circulating a GIF of it because I was like, look, we’re all here by ourselves and just because I’m 15 years older than all of you doesn’t mean I don’t want to come for dinner and have a nice time,” he said. You’ll be happy to know that it worked, and he and the rest of the cast are all close friends still. They haven’t been able to see each other in person because of Covid, but they eagerly await their reunion someday soon.”

So basically, Ben Barnes just wanted it to be clear that he wanted to go to dinner with everyone and have friends. And for that, Ben Barnes is incredibly relatable.


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