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Internet Not Kind to Beaker In New Muppet Video

Just in case you missed it, Muppet Studios has updated its YouTube channel with yet another awesome video.  It features Beaker, the song Dust in the Wind, and a number internet in-jokes.

Video after the jump, mild spoilers after the video. 

So, after giving a nod to YouTube comments and to Digg, what other internet memes should the Muppets take on? Invisible ______?  Yo dawg, we heard you like chickens.  So we put a chicken in your chicken so you can chicken while you chicken.  Imma let you finish, Robin, but Bean Bunny is the cutest Muppet of all time.  OF ALL TIME.

Honestly, if they make a Face of Disapproval Muppet, we’d die happy.  Although now that we come to think about it, that spot might already be taken by Sam Eagle.

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