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Robots Have Learned the Karate Kid’s Signature Move. It Was Nice Knowing You All

Looks like we'll have to sweep the leg.

[LOUD AUDIO. Best to mute your speakers.]

Boston Dynamics’ robots are all done painting the fence and waxing their programmers’ cars. They’re finally learning to be karate masters, and because robots are all about efficiency, they’re learning the unbeatable technique first. When done properly, there is no defense for the crane. At least, that’s according to Mr. Miyagi, and who wants to argue with him?


Do not cross this man.

The Atlas robot balancing on one leg is a good demo and test of its balancing abilities, which allow it to dynamically navigate difficult terrain like a human being. Eventually, when it has learned a little more and gets rid of its bulky tethered power supply, Atlas will be able to take on hazardous jobs like firefighting instead of sending non-karate master humans into danger.

But that’s all in the future. For now, it needs to focus on getting a little less stiff so it moves more like Ralph Macchio and less like a young Master Splinter.


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