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Finally, Batman’s Emo Eyeliner Is Confirmed For The Batman

When dressed in his full batsuit, Batman often has black make-up around his eyes to add to his menacing appearance. But once the cowl is off, that make-up disappears. Luckily for me, Matt Reeves decided to fix the problem and is giving us Robert Pattinson as the emo kid I know he is.

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The Batman, which I love to refer to as the Dirtbag Batman, takes place in a completely different universe than the rest of the DCEU films. And I’m very excited about the first looks we got of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. Finally, that celebrity crush is paying off.

The first look at Pattinson as Bruce Wayne is doing exactly what it should do: making me scream about whatever energy this movie is going to bring to the world of Batman. From the looks of it, Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne isn’t exactly as clean cut as the Bruce Waynes before him. And the new trailer also does a great job of showing a Bruce Wayne who is new to being the Batman.

With hair hanging in his scowling face, these pictures just make me so happy to actually see a Bruce Wayne that looks broody and a bit of a mess. I have such high hopes for this movie and with everything revealed at DC FanDome, it seems like just what Batman fans have been waiting for.

That being said, this brief look into The Batman (even with the trailer) gives me absolutely everything and nothing at the same time. We know little about the context of this movie, other than it follows the characters early in their storied careers. However, we do know plenty about this all-star cast and who they’re playing. Bruce Wayne is taking on so many of his famous foes and part of me doesn’t really want to know what Matt Reeves has in store for us.

I like the premise of a mysterious group of characters bringing death and destruction to Gotham. But, more importantly, we get to see that Batman does, in fact, wear eye make-up to hide his “eyes” while he’s wearing the cowl, and it’s finally going to be documented on screen. No really, he could be in a music video for My Chemical Romance and I would probably just accept that as Batman canon.

So thank you to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson for what is now going to be affectionately known as Emo Bruce and I cannot wait to see just what this movie has in store for me. Teenage me is probably really happy that I’m now 28 years-old and still in love with Cedric Diggory but whatever, The Batman is exciting, and getting a first look at Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight himself has definitely peaked my interest. As if I wasn’t already super excited about this movie.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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