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10 Bat Pokémon, Ranked By Cuteness

A group of Swoobat smiling happily

Poor bats! They have a bit of a bad reputation. Our flying friends are unfairly associated with vampires, horror and disease. But never fear … Pokémon is here to show you just how adorable bats can be. And even when they’re not adorable, they’re still cool!

10. Golbat

A Golbat mid-flight
(The Pokémon Company)

Golbat is very round, always a plus, but not quite cute. No-one seems to know how his mouth works and that makes him unnerving. Oh, and then there’s the Brilliant Diamond Pokédex entry that states Golbat “loves the blood of humans and Pokémon [and] flies around at night in search of neck veins.” Yikes! The trace amounts of cuteness Golbat does have are best admired from a distance.

9. Crobat

A Crobat flapping in the air
(The Pokémon Company)

Crobat is one of those rare evolutions that ends up cuter than its previous form, albeit not by much in this case. He’s another blood-drinking bat, but you can’t really blame him, seeing as how his Ultra Moon Pokédex entry notes, “If it can’t drink any blood for even a short while, it becomes weak and unable to fly.” I have sympathy for Crobat since I’m the same with chocolate.

8. Noivern

A Noivern taking flight
(The Pokémon Company)

The most dramatic bat! Noivern is the evolved form of Noibat and he’s a Flying/Dragon type. Noivern was in the Pokémon anime for a while as one of Ash’s team, and you might remember him flinging himself into battles against much more powerful Pokémon such as Zapdos. What a brave boy!

7. Gligar

A group of Gligar eating from bowls
(The Pokémon Company)

Wait, Gligar is a bat?! I thought he was some sort of winged scorpion thing? Nope, turns out he’s more or less a bat. He does have a scorpion tail though, which very much reduces the cuteness factor. And yet … he’s got that widdle face and those teeny little teeth and he’s pink. Maybe not the cutest bat-themed Pokémon but definitely the cutest scorpion-themed one.

6. Gliscor

Gliscor giving Ash Ketchum a big hug
(The Pokémon Company)

… or does that honor actually go to Gliscor, Gligar’s evolved form? I do find his design more appealing, it has to be said. A great mixture of cuteness and badassery. And in the anime, he was so adorably devoted to Ash! Despite those huge pincers Gliscor wields and the fact that he drains his prey of blood before eating it, I would still happily accept a hug from him. Well, probably.

5. Zubat

A Zubat mid-air
(The Pokémon Company)

You know what, I’m just going to say it. I LIKE Zubat! Yes, I too have the childhood memories of playing Pokémon games and tearing my hair out over the endless Zubat encounters but trust me, this flying purple friend does not deserve your hate. He’s small and weird and, in my mind, that makes him cute.

4. Lunala

Lunala in front of the moon
(The Pokémon Company)

Lunala isn’t just any bat, she’s a legendary bat. This Psychic/Ghost type is the cover Pokémon and mascot of Pokémon Moon and in-game she has the exciting name “the beast that calls the moon.” She’s beautiful and powerful, just not quite what I’d call overly “cute”! Her pre-evolved form Cosmog, who had a starring role in Pokémon Sun and Moon, is the truly cute one. Sorry Lunala. It’s just hard to hug something that can eat light and summon wormholes, you know?

3. Swoobat

A group of smiling Swoobat
(The Pokémon Company)

How can you not think Swoobat is adorable? He has a heart for a nose! Furthermore, he can influence people to think happy thoughts, if his Alpha Sapphire Pokédex entry is anything to go by: “Anyone who comes into contact with the ultrasonic waves emitted by a courting male experiences a positive mood shift.” Awww. Unsurprisingly, Swoobat is known as “the courting Pokémon.”

2. Noibat

A Noibat mid-air
(The Pokémon Company)

Noibat is currently my Buddy on Pokémon Go and I love him! He flutters around adorably, 10/10, no notes. I also love his Ultra Sun Pokédex entry which goes, “Fruits are its favorite foods. This gourmet carefully picks out just the ripe ones using its sonar.” He does sometimes mistake Applin for lunch but, unlike some of these other bat Pokémon, Noibat seemingly has no interest in drinking the blood of fellow Pokémon or unsuspecting humans! Hooray!

1. Woobat

A smiling Woobat
(The Pokémon Company)

I agonized about whether to give Noibat or Woobat the number one spot, but in the end it just had to be Woobat because he’s basically a big ball of fluff and there’s never been a big ball of fluff I didn’t love. Also, he leaves heart-shaped marks wherever he goes and those marks are said to bring people luck! If only Woobats existed in real life. You can buy a plush version, though!

(featured image: The Pokémon Company)

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