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The Barber Family Stuck in Their Home in Defending Jacob Is … A Mood


Chris Evans and his beard in Defending Jacob

**Slight spoilers for the Apple TV show Defending Jacob ahead.**

On this week’s Defending Jacob, the Barber family were finally getting smart about their situation—meaning they stayed inside. The show focuses on Jacob Barber (Jaeden Martell) and the accusation that he murdered his classmate, and for whatever reason, last week, Andrew Barber (Chris Evans) decided to take his son and wife Laurie (Michelle Dockery) out for dinner after they got Jacob out on bail.

So, obviously, the entire town was staring at them. In the time of the coronavirus, I thought it was weird that anyone would choose to go to a restaurant, but that’s just because of our own current situation. Still, I had to laugh when suddenly, in episode four, titled “Damage Control,” the Barber family are “prisoners in their own home,” trapped inside so they don’t deal with people out in the world giving them looks because of their son.

They can’t go out, Jacob is mad that he has to eat dinner with his family every single night, and when one of them does go out and have dinner not at home, it ends up being a catastrophic disaster. Very on-the-nose for 2020, if you ask me.

Right now though, the attraction to Defending Jacob definitely comes from … well, our attraction to Chris Evans. We’re in the middle of trying to figure out who killed this young boy and whether or not the Barber family is telling the truth, especially since they have a consistent track record of not doing so.

While we’re invested in justice for Ben (the young boy who was murdered in the woods), it is also about a father’s dedication to his son. So … a lot of the conversation is centered around domestic Chris Evans, and with the current state of the world, I can’t exactly blame them.

Is Defending Jacob keeping me going right now? Yes, and to be extremely honest, it keeps me excited for Fridays because I can’t wait to see Andrew Barber and what his good dad looks are going to give us next!

(image: Apple TV)

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