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Christopher Nolan Might Be Making One of the Voices in The Dark Knight Rises More Audible

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We don’t know how many of you shelled out the bucks to see Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in IMAX, so we don’t know how many of you actually got to see the six minute preview for The Dark Knight Rises that went along with the movie. We didn’t see it, because the two Batman-obsessed bloggers on this site (who shall remain nameless) decided if we were going to watch the first six minutes of The Dark Knight Rises we were damn well going to watch the rest of the movie, too.

But the internet has indicated to us that Bane, a guy with an accent and a mask, may have been difficult to understand. And we have the internet’s word that Christpher Nolan is not lying down on the unintelligible-main character problem for this film.

According to Collider, who know a guy, at least one IMAX projectionist has received an updated soundtrack to sync with the preview, and according to some guys he knows, Bane is now a bit easier to understand over the rest of the considerable noise in his scenes. ScreenRant’s Sandy Schaefer sums up his perspective as somebody who actually saw the preview:

The general reaction to Bane’s almost-inaudiable speech in the Dark Knight Rises prologue was (frankly) blown out of proportion by some fans. Without doubt, the sound mixing in that footage needed some significant tweaking; all the same, it is a glorified theatrical preview unveiled more than seven months before the actual film is due to be released. So, not only is there still plenty of time for director Christopher Nolan and his production team to adjust the audio levels accordingly, but part of the reason it was shown off in the first place was surely to gauge early reactions (and get feedback on what ought to be improved) from moviegoers.

My only question is: has anybody talked to Christian Bale yet? I mean other than Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, about finding a middle ground between “I believe in Harvey Dent” and “SWEAR TO ME” for all those scenes where he has to actually carry on a conversation as Batman. Hopefully somebody did. I understand these things can take some time to perfect.

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