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Gameplay Mechanics for Bad Piggies, Rovio’s Angry Birds Follow-Up, Revealed

For quite a while, there were rumors that Rovio would follow up their insanely successful Angry Birds franchise with another game from the perspective of the villainous pigs. It’s been official for a bit now, but with Bad Piggies, players won’t help suicidal birds end their own lives in order to save their young, but will build contraptions to help pigs kidnap the avian young.

For those keeping track at home, yes, Rovio’s most successful title is about birds killing themselves, and now they’re following it up with pigs committing kidnappings. Something is awry in the Angry Birds universe.

Using a simple crafting system, the players drag-and-drop different blueprints to form one complete vehicle that they then pilot through a course in an attempt to reach the end and kidnap some innocent children. Though building machines and piloting them through a course is a stark difference than tossing birds to their deaths, the mechanic canonically makes sense, as the pigs are always surrounded by buildings they’ve crafted in the original Angry Birds. So, it would seem the pigs’ affinity for building things will now extend to their own franchise.

In an interview with Fast Company, vice president of franchise development, Ville Heijari, said Bad Piggies is the sibling of Angry Birds, rather than some simple spin-off or expansion, and that the franchise will “get a lot of push over time.” The new game launches September 27, less than two weeks away, for iOS and Android, with Windows Phone and PC versions to follow. Watch a video featuring Bad Piggies gameplay below, but beware, there’s a pun or two in your future if you do.

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