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Baby Yoda Watch: The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 3, “The Heiress”

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Left alone to grapple with the fact that he almost committed genocide, Baby Yoda didn’t have a ton to do on this week’s episode of The Mandalorian, but let’s take a look at what he managed to accomplish anyway.

**Spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3, “The Heiress,” lie ahead.**

The episode starts with everyone sleeping. Baby Yoda is sleeping upright just like everyone else despite the fact that he’s tiny enough to curl up on the seat and get all cozy. To be honest, he kind of looks like big Yoda (not to be confused with Bigger Luke) while he’s sleeping, and it’s sort of cute even though he tried to murder a Frog Lady’s children last week.

But suddenly, they have trouble landing, and as the entire ship is shaking and falling apart around them, this is Baby Yoda:

Baby Yoda on the ship

All Baby Yoda wants all the time is food. If he isn’t eating the eggs of a Frog Lady who desperately needs to get to her husband, he’s eating the alien-spider babies of someone else. Or just whole frogs. When told he has to wait to eat, he pouts like my cat when I tell him that he just ate and he can’t also have my dinner.

baby yoda hungry

At least he’s learning that he has to use a spoon yoda eat

But, in a truly sad yet (probably) deserved turn of events after just trying to eat all the eggs, Baby Yoda’s food decides to attack back. When Din orders him chowder, Baby Yoda is looking at his soup and trying to figure out where to start when his squid goes FULL Facehugger and grips onto this baby’s face! baby yoda gets attacked

But you know how whenever something isn’t your fault but you’re the one that gets caught and not your sibling? And your parents are like “leave them alone” despite the fact that you didn’t do anything? That’s what happens when Din sees the squid on Baby Yoda’s face.mandalorian yells at baby yoda

And this sassy face back spoke to me as the youngest of three yoda says wtf

But the saga of Baby Yoda is never dull. All he wants to do is fly around in his fun little ship and zoom around with his Dadalorian. Instead, everyone is trying to kill him despite no one knowing what he is. On a ship filled with calamari men, Mando thinks they’re taking them to other Mandalorians, but instead, they want to feed Baby Yoda to their pet kraken.

Shocked that people are being mean to him, Baby Yoda goes flying into the waiting sea cage yoda gets pushed to his death

And he waits (even though that thing FLIES, like, Baby Yoda GET OUTTA THERE YOU HAVE POWERS). baby yoda is confused

But he was smart enough to close his little lid before the kraken got him. baby yoda gets eaten

“Ah shit man, you have no idea what I just went through. At first, I was like ‘ahhhh’ and then I was like ‘WOAH’ and now I’m like ‘wooooooah.'” -Baby Yoda after they break him free from his dented little ship thing, probably. baby yoda is saved

Realizing quickly that he is a baby, he stays very close to the Mandalorian. Probably because he … doesn’t have a ship anymore and his tiny legs get very tired very quickly. But Baby Yoda is being carried by Din Djarin when they’re attacked yet again.

Can’t a baby and his Dadalorian catch a break?baby yoda is scared

Luckily, Din’s new Mandalorian squad rolls up to save them again and all the calamari men get fried (get it? like fish?). But, that means that Mando owes them a debt so when they take him to buy him a drink, they start to explain their Mandalorian connection a little bit more.

The entire time, Bb just wants to eat but has no food. Very sad day for the Child.

In a move that is just everyone straight POSING on the ship, the crew of Mandalorians shows Din the ship they’re trying to get on to get weapons back. Meanwhile, Baby Yoda has decided to just … chill in the cockpit and look up at Koska Reeves the entire time. (Honestly, same.) baby yoda in the cockpit

Sadly, Baby Yoda cannot go on the dangerous mission. He is still just a baby!

So Din does what he thinks is smart: Gives Baby Yoda to Frog Lady and her husband despite all the eggs still being there. Again, in a truly parental move, Din Djarin tells Baby Yoda to mind his manners and all but yells at him about the eggs before yoda and frog lady

He loves those eggs. (But also really loves the baby frogs that start to hatch!)baby yoda lookin at his eggs

Mando’s journey might have been dangerous. We might have learned more about what they need to do and who they need to find. But none of that matters to Baby Yoda. He found a friend that’s a frog and now he just wants to keep it.

(Mando said no pets, and honestly, that’s a smart move because this baby would probably eat it when he’s bored.) baby yoda makes a friend

All seemed well for the Child and his new fish-infested home with Din. But even there, he isn’t safe, and an octopus with gnarly teeth tries to eat him! But our good baby shows him. baby yoda eats his attacker

Check back here next week to see what the heck Baby Yoda is up to in the newest episode of The Mandalorian, because this is our brains, 24/7:

Many babies Yoda seen through compound eyes.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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