Avengers 4 fanart by Yadvender Signh

Mind-Blowing Avengers 4 Fanart Shows Where We Could Be Headed

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Yadvender Singh is a digital artist whose gorgeous, hyper-realistic style caught my attention after his fanmade poster for Avengers 4 looked like something Marvel Studios made (only better). Marvel should get this guy on staff yesterday.

Singh, a digital artist and freelance designer whose work can be found on his Instagram @ultraraw26, was kind enough to give us permission to post some of our favorites on The Mary Sue.

I saw Singh’s Avengers 4 poster above first and adored his aesthetic choices—the recognizable outlines of characters we know and love who were lost to the Snap, appearing together in the yellow-orangey Soul Stone pocket dimension, a massive Thanos looming in the sky above. Not only is it an incredibly effective piece of art, the more you look, the more details you discover, like Star-Lord and Gamora gazing at each other in this uncanny afterlife. Sniff.

Singh’s art isn’t limited to Marvel and the Avengers. Check out his Instagram for takes on properties like Venom, Shazam, Deadpool, Batman, Batwoman, Aquaman, Spider-Man, and more.

Herein I’m focusing on his “Avengers 4-era” pieces, which give us glimpses into potential scenes that could be coming—many of which hurt. A lot. Like this one:

Hahahah NOPE!!!

Or this one, that features Carol Danvers joining the Avengers and sharing the worst possible moment with Tony Stark:

What’s so wrenching and evocative about Singh’s stunning art is that so many of these situations feel totally plausible—this could well be the direction that we’re headed in.

Let’s arrive at this particular situation quickly! Like, say, the first scene of the movie? Thanks:

Further, Singh has rendered some imagined scenes I would pay quite a bit of money to see happen onscreen:

“Titankiller” has to be one of the coolest concepts ever (originally conceived by @mjhibleart). GIVE THIS MAN A JOB, MARVEL.

Honestly, if Avengers 4 doesn’t end now with Captain Marvel popping in from the ’90s and punching Thanos clear through the chest, I am going to be extremely disappointed.

Although I will accept this as an alternative:

But please, please don’t make us sit through this. I am not strong enough to survive this:

I’m not crying, you’re cry—OK, nevermind, I am crying. Just leave me here with this, sobbing forever:

Be sure to follow Yadvender Singh on Instagram @ultraraw26 to catch all of his new art, cry and clap your hands over what’s already on there, and “heart” everything so he keeps making us these wonderful visual gifts. It looks like he may be taking commissions as well, so consider giving this man all of your money.

(via Yadvender Singh, images: Yadvender Singh)

Corrected this piece according to the movie. Just for transparency, i love and appreciate the huge support that the previous version got. That too on my birthday, scoring a repost from @joshbrolin … But many people also complained about spiderman being there… well guys… when i made it, i never connected the characters to the stones… it was a simple way to show the deaths. . Follow @ultraraw26 for more. . #thanos #avengers4 #avengers #loki #spiderman #ironspider #ironman #guardiansofthegalaxy #gamora #doctorstrange #vision #captainmarvel #captainamerica #blackpanther #thor #marvelcomics #marvel #marvelcinematicuniverse #superheroes #superman #batman #theflash #aquaman #wonderwoman #shazam #venom #deadpool2 #photoshop #digitalart #art

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