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Wow the Avengers Really Just Left This Character out in the Cold, Huh?

Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

**Spoilers for Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 3 “Power Broker” lie within**

We knew that Sharon Carter was going to show up in Falcon and the Winter Soldier but we didn’t know when. So color me surprised when she showed up and wasn’t exactly happy about her situation or seeing Sam and Bucky in Madripoor. When Sam and Bucky are trapped with Zemo talking to Selby, suddenly someone shoots Selby killing her and Bucky and Sam have to run to safety.

In the alleyway, they see a hooded figure some into the light only to have Sharon Carter reveal herself. The problem though is that she is in Madripoor because, unlike Steve, Sam, and Bucky, she’s still wanted by the U.S. Government for stealing Steve’s shield and Sam’s Falcon wings so that they could save Bucky Barnes in Captain America: Civil War.

Seven years and everyone just seems to have forgotten about Sharon Carter.

Honestly, I understand her anger. I get why she’s mad. Sam and Bucky are now free to do what they want/need in America and are no longer enemies of the state. For Sharon, she was left to dry while the Avengers got to go back home. She even points out that she has no idea where her father is.

So the anger she holds and her reluctance to help them at the beginning is something that makes sense. But Sharon Carter is always going to do the right thing even if she’s angry about the situation she’s found herself in and still helps Sam and Bucky with the promise that Sam is going to get her a pardon to come back to the States.

The thing is, I think she was going to help them regardless. She came to their aid, gave them clothes and a ticket to her art gallery party she had, and was reluctantly willing to be a part of their plan even before her and Sam made a “deal.” I don’t think there was a moment where Sharon wasn’t going to help them. It just sucks that in the grand scheme of things, she was forgotten.

We don’t know if Sharon survived the Blip. She might have been snapped away which makes this situation a little more complicated but still, the fact that she was the one who helped Steve, Sam, and Bucky and is still left out in the dust sucks. But now she has Sam on her side and he clearly feels horrible about the situation.

Throughout the entire episode, he kept saying how he felt bad for Sharon and you know he isn’t going to forget about her when they make it back to the States. They have a lot to do and a lot coming to them (as we know the Dora Milaje are showing up next) so hopefully, this wasn’t the only time we’ll see Sharon and Sam remembers to get her a pardon.

Still … you would think that Steve Rogers would look out for his niece that he made out with that one time, but alas. Do you think that when Sharon was born in his Happily Ever After timeline, Steve was like, “OH NO, SHARON! SH*T I FORGOT!”?

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