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A New Avengers Game Looks Like Everyone but the Actual Avengers

So you think they look like the Avengers ...

Captain America sitting on a backwards chair, looking at you with pity.

These are … the Avengers? A new Avengers video game is on the horizon, but we wouldn’t know it was a game about our favorite cinematic heroes from looking at it! Mainly because none of these heroes look anything like how we’ve come to know Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, or the Hulk—likely since the actors’ likenesses come at cost.

Why completely change their faces? Almost definitely money, so we’re not surprised per se—there’s a similar approach with toys, especially those that speak. But there should be a way to make this game even without, say, Chris Evans as Captain America that doesn’t look like …. this.

Look, I get it. I have a Tony Stark doll that is very much not Robert Downey Jr.’s voice, and I accept that’s the world we live in. But this seems like … a mistake. So, here are my thoughts when I gaze upon this rendering: Oscar Isaac is now Bruce Banner. Cobie Smulders took over for Scarlett Johansson and is playing Natasha Romanoff now. I truly don’t think the creators of this game have ever looked at a picture of Robert Downey Jr. or Tony Stark in their entire life. But I’m glad to see that the Caveman from the Geico commercial is getting work outside of those ads, and I’m happy to announce that it looks like Luke Hemsworth is finally getting his time to shine as Captain America.

Just let Keanu Reeves play the Avengers. All of them.

Who do you think these so-called Avengers look like? Let us know in the comments below and let’s continue to try and figure out why John Stamos and/or Oscar Isaac is Bruce Banner! (Or why he’s just Bruce Banner and not the Hulk in this scene to begin with.)

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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