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Here’s a Deep Dive Into the Avengers: Endgame Trailer That Gave Us Like 20 More Theories

Lord help me.

We all watched the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame that Marvel dropped this morning and, as per usual, we’re going to go too deep into it and analyze a lot of the images. Why? Because as much as we complain about Marvel and the Avengers, we’re all openly excited about Endgame and want to unpack every possibility for the film.

So … what does this trailer mean? First, it’s interesting to note that the flashbacks serve more of a purpose than just upsetting all of us and reminding us that our favorite characters are going to be dying. Every flashback they used seemed to be linked to a prominent theory and could start to explain what we’re going to see.

screengrabs from the Avengers: Endgame trailer

This first flash of Tony Stark crashing in his first suit could be just because the last we saw of Tony, his suit was completely destroyed—torn apart and a mess because of the fight against Thanos—and he needs to engineer his way out of a problem.

And then we’re met with Tony’s destroyed helmet, broken but able to record his message for Pepper. The only reason he’s even still fighting, still struggling to get back to earth and there, he doesn’t even know if Pepper Potts survived the snap, but with the Avengers still on the outs with each other and Peter Parker taken by Thanos and his gauntlet, Tony only has his heart out for Pepper.

The entire beginning shows him not trying to get home to help the fight or for himself. He just wants to get there so that he can be a part of Pepper’s world once more. Does that mean she’ll be there? We still don’t know. Not one of the trailers has shown Pepper Potts.

From Tony and his flashbacks comes Steve Rogers. Focused on his early days, Steve’s flashbacks give a look into a prominent theory floating around. First, we see Steve when he goes to the recruitment center for World War II and is denied.

What makes this interesting is that Peggy is speaking over Steve’s flashes, and many believe that Steve’s “retirement” will be centered around him returning to the past to finally give Peggy Carter that dance that he owes her. Granted, that would change the timeline drastically and erase all of Peggy’s storyline from Agent Carter, so the chances of that happening are extremely slim, but these flashbacks do kind of lead us into believing that it could be true.

And then, there’s New York.

This shot of New York City hurt because it made me realize that Steve Rogers was back home and not just to fight against whatever was coming. As far as we know, the Avengers are just dealing with the guilt of surviving the snap, meaning that … Steve Rogers decided to cope back in the city he knows best.

From there, we have the return of Clint Barton. For many of us, we missed our favorite Hawk Guy in Avengers: Infinity War, but we’re getting quite a glimpse of him in Endgame. And many think that we may be getting a look at Kate Bishop, as well …

But from this heartwarming scene, we’re sent to a much darker Clint—one that seemingly needs Natasha to come and rescue him.

Don’t worry, though, the flashbacks continue, and they go on to break our hearts further (including bringing even more Peggy into Steve’s storyline with the return of her funeral from Captain America: Civil War).

The idea is that these flashbacks are of all the things that the Avengers have lost. For Thor, it is Asgard, his family, and everything he’s ever known. And so … what does he have to fight for?

And it continues, the dust of our favorite characters being thrown in our faces like we don’t remember that Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, T’Challa, Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, and so many more were taken when Thanos snapped his fingers.

But as Natasha Romanoff says to Steve, they have to keep fighting for those who were taken. There is a beautiful bit where each remaining Avenger says, “Whatever it takes,” focusing their energy on bringing back their friends and families, even if they sacrifice themselves.

And then, there’s Scott Lang. For all we know, he has been trapped in the Quantum Realm for any amount of years (Paul Rudd is ageless, after all). When the snap happened, Scott happened to get stuck in the Quantum Realm because the rest of his team was taken. So … how did he get out?

Eventually, we know that Scott meets up with the Avengers, and this shot is one that interests me because … is that Tony Stark’s ship he was in, or just one of the quintjets?

Either way, we continually get Natasha and Clint scenes in the trailer, and that is just plain rude. I remember you guys baited me with them and then … she was “less than” a woman because she couldn’t have kids, so Bruce Banner loved her? Yeah, I still remember your Age of Ultron mess!

I did get Rocket Raccoon in some googles, though, just hanging out with War Machine, so like … I’m happy!

It might not be the best of looks for Clint Barton in this trailer but it is the best of looks for Steve Rogers and his eyebrows. (Rest In Peace to the beard. I miss you.)

Eventually, though, Scott Lang clearly joins the team, ready to get back Hope and Hank and take on Thanos like he couldn’t in Avengers: Infinity War. (Why couldn’t he? I still don’t understand that.)

But … the trailer isn’t done giving us clues. So … what’s happening here? Sure, we saw this shot in Infinity War but this seems different? Is this a glimpse into the idea that the Avengers use the time stone to go back in time and live through all the versions of the final battle until they land on the one that Stephen Strange saw where they succeed?

And does that battle now include Clint Barton?

Whatever it may be, it has Natasha coping in the only way she knows how: through training. While Steve Rogers goes to counseling, talking through everything that happened, this trailer just confirms that Natasha is taking her anger out on herself and training to distract herself.

But even as much as they fight it, they have to go back to the fight, and … could that mean Steve sacrificing himself? Throwing down his shield and dying for all those he lost?

Because they all decide to do … whatever it takes.

And oh, right, we were all right: They did digitally remove Tony Stark from this scene in the other trailers, because he’s back and he’s fighting alongside Steve Rogers. Don’t worry, I’m sobbing.

And, with the power of Carol Danvers on their side, the Avengers are definitely a match for Thanos this time around. It helps, too, that Thor likes her.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters this April 26th, and this trailer just threw about 80 more theories into the running, and now I’m even more confused. Can it be April now?

(images: Marvel Entertainment)

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