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‘A Buffyverse Story’ Is Here to Take Us Back to Sunnydale

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer have always been very patient as they wait for new things from Sunnydale. I should know—I am nearly done watching the show for the first time and am eagerly waiting for new content about my favorite slayer. I won’t have to wait long because we’re getting Slayers: A Buffyverse Story all about a new slayer. Conceived by Amber Benson, who played Tara, and her co-writer Christopher Golden, the idea is to put the spotlight on characters who didn’t get much attention during the original run of the show—and it is an Audible series.

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The original series ran for seven seasons and is beloved among fans. As someone who just watched the show, I understand why and cannot stop thinking about it. Benson wanted to explore what being a slayer means for a woman of color. Casting Laya DeLeon Hayes (The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster) as Indira Nunnally, the story is all about Spike (James Marsters) trying to find a watcher for Indira. It takes place 10 years after the original series ended, Spike and Indira run into a slayer from “A parallel reality where Buffy Summers never existed.” That slayer? Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter).

This new story is so exciting for fans to see a reunion of the actors from the original show jumping back into Sunnydale! So let’s learn more about what Slayers: A Buffyverse Story has to offer us.

Who is coming back to Sunnydale?

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With Marsters returning to the role of Spike and Carpenter as Cordelia, they’re not the only cast members from the original series back in action. Personally, my excitement is connected to the return of Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles. We also have Drusilla (Juliet Landau), Anya (Emma Caulfield Ford), Clem (James Charles Leary), and the ghost of Jonathan (Danny Strong.)

Given that some characters we know and love, like Spike, can’t really come back in live-action due to that pesky thing we humans call aging, telling stories like this where Marsters can return and give fans more Spike content is exciting!

What to expect from Slayers

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It is a little more complicated than the original show. Indira is a slayer who needs a watcher. We don’t know where Buffy is or how Indira became the slayer and there are a lot of moving parts to this story With Spike at the center of it, we’re probably going to get a lot of answers quickly, but there are characters missing, which is by design.

Benson wasn’t going to force her former co-stars to come back, so she just reached out to everyone and wrote in those who wanted to be a part of this story.

When is Slayers: A Buffyverse Story coming out?

Slayers: A Buffyverse Story is coming out at a perfect time! It will be exclusively on Audible and is being released on October 12. What better way to celebrate Halloween and the spooky season than heading back to Sunnydale with our favorite vampire slayer’s friends? Slayers definitely is a perfect new adventure for fans of Buffy and is going to be exciting for us all!

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