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ASCII Google Street View

If you haven’t been dizzy yet today and really need some of that in your Monday, or want to see some really cool ASCII art, check out this rendition of Google Street View in ASCII.

It automatically rotates so you can concentrate on exactly what you’re looking at without having to expend any brain power by trying to find the movement arrows, and also provides a green color mode so you can pretend you’re looking at the Matrix, or just so you can see the view more easily.

You can move around on the provided map and try to get an ASCII view of your own location, but sometimes the service can’t successfully pull the information. Either way, when you reload the page it provides a new option, from Times Square to the White House. It’s really cool, and the characters constantly change so if you don’t get dizzy, it can get mesmerizing. Check out a rendering of the White House:

Now go play around with it.

(via Hacker News)

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