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The First Artificial Blood Test Results Are “Encouraging,” Vampires Thrilled

Oh, and did we mention it was even invented in Romania?

Tru Blood

We need a lot of blood. In the US, over 41,000 blood donations are required for patients in need – every single day. Since not everyone can (or is willing to) donate blood, science has been working to come up with a solution for our blood shortage – and Romanian researchers may have done just that.

Overlooking for a moment that Romania is the home of Dracula and basically where vampires were invented so, yeah, this is a little weird; but, a team of Romanian researchers has developed synthetic blood in a laboratory, and found their first test use results pretty encouraging.

The Romanian Tru Blood is made from water, salt, albumin, and a marine worm protein called hemerythrin (yum!), which transports and stores oxygen. Hemerythrin also makes the blood stress-resistant, which means this is the first type of artificial blood that doesn’t turn toxic under stress.

The successful trials were completed using mice, and they’re still a couple of years away from human trials, but they’re on the right track. Also, Spike is probably really, really stoked.

(via I F*cking Love Science, image via Scott Beale)

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