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Open Thread: Arrow Season Finale – Unthinkable


The Season 2 finale of The CW’s Arrow seemed as if it was headed in the same direction as the Season 1 closer. Did Star(ling) City get destroyed? Did any female characters bite the dust? Does everyone know Oliver’s secret identity now??? 

No, no, and basically, but that was kind of already established. Here’s what went down:

  • Roy is up and about and totally cured! Yah! But the Clocktower was destroyed by Lyla. Boo!
  • Thea did shoot Merlyn! Yah! But he was wearing a kevlar vest. Boo! And yes, like we predicted, he’s super happy she had the guts to do it.
  • “Felicity Smoak, MIT class of 2009.” Bless.
  • A superhero mask for Roy!!!
  • BIG FIGHT at Queen Consolidated. I honestly have no idea if Nyssa killed Isabel.
  • Flashback: the freighter is hit by Anatoly, as instructed. It is sinking fast.
  • Thea goes to see Roy and, like the dope he is, lies to her again when it would have been really easy to be honest. Sigh.
  • Oliver takes Felicity to the Queen mansion…OH DON’T YOU DARE DO IT, SHOW, DON’T YOU DARE.
  • They did it. Oliver told Felicity he loves her.
  • Tumble in the tunnel!
  • A Suicide Squad breakout by Diggle and Lyla at ARGUS. Ok, this is getting good.
  • Flashback to Sara getting sucked into the water on the freighter, much like the yacht. Don’t you dare, show!
  • Thea finds arrows hidden and Roy’s place and is all, “I’M OUT!”
  • Lyla is pregnant. Yah! Amanda Waller is the one who breaks the news. Boo!
  • Slade grabbed Felicity AND Laurel and…OH MY GOD, THANK YOU, SHOW, he doesn’t really love her like that.
  • Oh, god, poor Felicity, now I feel like a jerk.
  • Instead of echoing the “death” of Slade on the island, Oliver simply ties him up for capture this time. Also! Sara doesn’t die a horrible death! She’s just going to go live with the League of Assassins…and possibly die a horrible death down the road. But! She does give Laurel her leather jacket. DUN DUN DUN!
  • Goddammit, Quentin, this is why we don’t go up against super soldiers!!
  • Thea left a dear john letter for Roy at least, and heads of with good ol’ dad to “get strong.” Here’s hoping she learns everything but stays a good guy and turns into Artemis.
  • Slade in cell far far away. Namely, the islan, in some sort of weird underground ARGUS jail cell which may or may not have been there when Oliver was?
  • Flashbacks on the island are done (thank god) but here starts flashbacks of Oliver’s time getting to know Amanda Waller and pick up a few more tricks of the trade…in Hong Kong.
  • Oh and HAI FLASH COMMERCIAL! Can’t wait for that show to start.

Holy crap. No one died! Unless you count Isabel, which I’m not just yet. But really, I thought for sure at least Thea, Sara, Laurel, or Felicity were done for. It’s a season finale miracle! I heard the creators talking about some big thing viewers would never guess happening in the finale so my mind was waiting for something huge. Apparently they just meant the Hong Kong jump. Which, sure, I wouldn’t have guessed that particularly, but I also knew the island was pretty much done for and that Oliver and Amanda had met previously so it makes sense. Meanwhile, John Barrowman has just signed on to be a series regular for Season 3 so I guess we can expect to see Thea’s development (good or evil). What did you think of the finale??

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