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Open Thread: Arrow – Streets of Fire


Next week is the season finale of Arrow. I’m sure we’ll be seeing puppies and rainbows soon…right?

So here’s some stuff that went down in last night’s episode:

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!!!
  • The tunnel collapsed. No shit, Ollie, what did you think would happen when you shot an explosive arrow at the ceiling? Also, I am slightly in disbelieve Laurel would be able to pull back that compound bow on the first try but I’ll let that slide.
  • Felicity runs into Isabel like a boss.
  • Merlyn is back and saves Thea/his daughter!
  • STAR Labs courier with the mirakuru cure gets into an accident. Drama!
  • Yah!! He’s Detective Lance again!
  • Oh, so they killed Kate Spencer. Her entire purpose on the show was to be an Easter Egg. There’s no one on the show who will remotely care about her being dead. Awesome.
  • Will Blood try and play hero now?”
  • “YOU ARE NOT DONE FIGHTING,” Felicity with the badass quote of the night.  And oh god I thought she was gonna kiss him.
  • Sara saves a kid from a burning building and Laurel finally gives her her official superhero name, “That’s The Canary.” I might have teared up.
  • HA HA HA, Blood you can’t be mayor anymore you big dummy, says Oliver, who does not give a shit at this point about his secret identity because basically everyone knows anyway.
  • Isabel kills Blood pretty unceremoniously. Meh.
  • Surprisngly basically no one, ARGUS, aka Amanda Waller, is gonna level the city rather than let the mirakuru army out. The heroes have until dawn so Oliver changes his mind about making Roy a lab rat and shoots him up with the cure. Fingers crossed!
  • Pretty sure Thea shot a bad guy, but nice try, show.

Part of me dislikes that where we pick up for the finale is almost the same as the Season 1 finale but something tells me it’s going to take a very different direction by the end. What did you think of the episode?

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