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Open Thread: Arrow – Birds of Prey

where does he get those wonderful toys

Birds of Prey! This better be good, CW! 

Meh. The Huntress was barely in this episode and there was clearly no team up happening between her and Black Canary. I kind of wished they’d saved this title for a later episode. Oh well. Here’s last night’s moments of note:

  • Hugo Manheim was name dropped and upon a google search I found “Bruno Mannheim,” a Superman mob villain. No idea if they were going for that connection though.
  • Where does Black Canary keep those silks?
  • Helena has been in Italy killing mafia dudes. Like you do.
  • Adam Donner wants Laurel to come back to work, saying he “squared things for her with the bar.” That’s not remotely suspicious.
  • Ouch, Roy is shot through the hand but ooh! Oliver called him Speedy! To which he later says, “don’t call me Speedy.”
  • Felicity, “Boobs can get a frat boy to do anything.” Oliver, “I was a frat boy.” Ahem. Moving on.
  • But quote of the episode goes to Slade, “I decapitated the engineer.”
  • Though, Sara’s “You forgot your baby arrows!” comes pretty close.
  • Huntress mentions her dad teaching her to always be prepared for anything. Was that a slight nod to her comic book Batman-lineage?
  • OMG. Quentin calling Arrow with Oliver right there. But Oliver thought ahead and listed as Quentin as “mom” in his phone. Awesome. Quentin better figure this out soon.
  • “Thea we need to break up.” “No.”
  • Poor Laurel was bait (not sure why they needed her specifically) but it was nice to see her take a stand and realize she’s been “expendable decoration.”
  • Easter egg: Gail Street and Simone!!!! Gail Simone tweeted about it.
  • I was a bit confused about what was going on with that SWAT guy. Anyone else?
  • Oops, somebody else killed daddy. Womp, womp.
  • Slade had someone give Oliver Shado’s tattoo.
  • Adam  has been fired from the district attorney’s office but Laurel uses her knowledge of the events to blackmail Kate Spencer.
  • Oliver lying to Thea as Thea praises him for being the only one who doesn’t lie to her.
  • Slade picks up the now-single Thea for hostage purposes. Too bad Oliver never told her HE’S A BAD GUY.

Not sure if everyone got this but at the last second of the preview for next week they slipped in a quiet repeat of the line from the episode, “Once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.” Hmm. Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments!

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