Rejoice, Arrested Development Fans: The New Season’s Premiere Date, Episode Titles Are Announced

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First it was announced that the new season of Arrested Development, produced by and airing on Netflix, will have 14 episodes instead of 10. And now the new episodes have a release date: May 4th. It’s happening, guys. It’s actually happening.

I hope that after a few years my beloved Community will get such nice treatment.

The date was announced on a Fox publicity site, but the relevant post disappeared several hours after it went up. Still, assuming the premiere date doesn’t get changed, we’ll see all 14 episodes of the fourth season premiere simultaneously on May 4th.

The post in question also gave us the episode titles. And they are:

Michael 1
Michael 2
George Sr. 1
George Sr. 2
Lindsay 1
Lindsay 2
George Michael 1
George Michael 2
Gob 2

Says MTV:

As creator Mitch Hurwitz has described before, the new episodes will follow one character, bringing us up-to-speed with the Bluths since the show’s cancellation, with some appearances from other characters from time to time. In theory, this new season will then segue into a feature film.

So. AD fans. Come May 4th, will you be marathoning the season or are you going to aim for spacing things out a bit? Who knows when (or even if) the proposed movie will happen, after all.

Good luck with your willpower!

Edited to add:

Welp. It was nice while it lasted.

(via: MTV)

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