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If Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Wear a Mask to the Gym, So Can You!

arnold schwarzenegger and edward furlong in t2: judgment day

There is a group of action stars that I feel are part of my family. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of them. My brother adored Schwarzenegger growing up and even now wants to revisit his films. (For his 39th birthday, he requested that we watch Commando and then Predator, and the marathon of Schwarzenegger movies has not stopped.)

But Schwarzenegger is complicated for many because he was a Republican governor who wasn’t that great, and most everyone either forgets about that because now he’s just hanging out with farm animals in his home or they put it all to the side to remember the action hero they loved more. This new Arnold is making it easier and easier to think of him fondly, though, this time by yelling at Gold’s Gym for not requiring people to use masks in the facility.

According to California’s statewide prevention mandates, citizens do not need to wear a mask while working out, but just in common areas and while entering the gym. Arnold, according to TMZ, left the gym when he found out they weren’t going the extra mile for safety and isn’t going to return until everyone wears masks while working out or there is a vaccine.

The good news for Schwarzenegger is that he does have his own at home gym, but he is a staple of Gold’s Gym, so for the legendary bodybuilder to part ways, even temporarily, because of a mask policy is a pretty huge deal. Although, at 72, he’s at greater risk, so staying away from lots of heavy breathers with no masks is also just a smart move for him personally.

Schwarzenegger has been using his social media to promote social distancing, staying home, and wearing masks. Honestly, I’d like to see these men complaining about masks try to take on the Terminator. I’d pay good money for that movie.

I don’t know about you, but if the Last Action Hero Jack Slater himself won’t go somewhere that doesn’t have a great mask policy, I’d start to make sure I followed those same rules. (I’m already following those rules, but I’m just hoping that all those “manly men” who were crying about masks see Arnold doing this and suddenly wake the f**k up.)

(via TMZ, image: Paramount Pictures)

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