The Forever Alone Meme: A 21-Picture Tour Through Soul-Crushing Loneliness

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Forever Alone is at its Best When it’s Punny

1) Forever Stallone (via)

2) Forever a Clone (via)

3) Forever a Gnome (via)

4) Forever Flintstone (via)

5) Forever Cologne (via)

6) Forever a Lawn (via)

7) Forever Friend Zone (via)

8) Forever a Scone (via)

9) Forever Al One (via)

10) Forever Alone Multi-Pun (via)

11) Forever Alone: Honey, I’m Home (via)

Forever Alone in the Media

12) Duke Nukem Forever Alone (via)

13) Forever Home Alone (via)

14) Forever Alone in the Dark (via)

15) Forever All the Lonely People (via)

16) Forever Pokalone (via)

Double Meme

17) Sad Keanu is Forever Alone (via)

Extra Alone

18) Forever eLone (via)

19) Forever Alione (via)

If You Don’t Know this Episode, For the Love of God, Don’t Watch it

20) Futuraver Alone (via)


21) Forever Classone (via)

It felt fitting to finish it up with some class.

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