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Barack Obama And Sarah Palin To Appear In Archie Comic

Please do not adjust your computer screen—this is, in fact, a real cover for a real Archie comic that’s coming out in December. In case you can’t read the speech bubble, Archie is saying exactly what you’re thinking right now: “Wow! I guess anything’s possible!”

Here’s the logline for the issue in question, Archie #616: “Campaign Pain” Part 1:

“President Barack Obama and famed politician Sarah Palin get involved as Student Government campaigns spiral out of control at Riverdale High! The race between Archie and Reggie gets hot as campaign chaos reaches to the top, forcing an impromptu visit from these big-name politicos, who get pulled into the fray!”

As if that weren’t enough, there’s also a Part 2 that’ll be released one month later:

>>>More at Mediaite.

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