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How to Follow Apple’s WWDC 2010 Announcement Live

Steve Jobs‘ keynote for WWDC 2010 is expected to kick off at 1pm EDT (10am PDT), and it’s a biggie: It’s widely expected that he’ll be unveiling a next-generation iPhone, which may be called (take your pick) the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4G, or the iPhone HD.

Alas, we’re not at WWDC, but there are some great bloggers who are: After the jump, their liveblogs, and some purported live video feeds from the event.

For our part, we’re tweeting the event at

Below, the WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs keynote probably-iPhone super-duper liveblog roundup:

AppleKeynotes is UStreaming the event.

Update: It turns out this is just audio, but it’s pretty good. We’re looking for live video, as the DestinoMac video below is pretty useless thus far. (Though we’re giving it a chance for a little bit.)

Free TV : Ustream

Update2: OK, we’re pulling the DestinoMac video feed of the event, which remained useless. GuysFromQueens are covering the event; currently, it’s audio-only, but once again, better than nothing.

Watch live video from guysfromqueens on

Update 3: Live audio and video of the event! It looks like it’s being filmed from down a very long hallway, but if you blast your speakers, you can intelligibly hear the dulcet voice of Steve Jobs.

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