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Man Runs Around Tokyo, Creates Giant Apple Logo Tribute to Steve Jobs

People around the world have expressed their feelings about Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple in different ways. Tech bloggers have written innumerable speculative treatises on the future of the company, and the twitterverse hase been abuzz with many a snarky comment. Joseph Tame, a UK native living in Japan, took a different approach. Tame decided to run a 13 mile outline of the Apple logo over the city of Tokyo, and mapped his progress using the GPS capabilities of his iPhone(s).

On his blog, Tame writes that his life has been vastly improved by Apple products produced under Jobs’ reign. He calls his iPhone a lifeline saying it allows him to accomplish things beyond his abilities. Whether that’s fanboy-talk or just a frank admission is hard to say, but Tame admits that he’s paid hefty cancelation fees to keep up with all the latest iPhone iterations.

This isn’t the first time Tame has painted pictures with his footsteps. His previous works include Hello Kitty, his own name, and a baby elephant.  Hopefully Steve gets the message.

(Joseph Tame via PC Mag)

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