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Apple Is Holding a Surprise iPhone 4 Press Conference on Friday

Days of well-documented customer complaints may not have been enough to make Apple budge from its hard line on admitting antenna problems with the iPhone 4, but it looks like Consumer Reports‘ confirmation of these problems and decision not to recommend the phone on that basis may have done the trick. Though they’ve been tight-lipped on the specifics, Apple has confirmed that this Friday, they will be having a surprise press conference at their headquarters in Cupertino, California to discuss the iPhone 4.


Apple Inc. said Wednesday that it will hold a news conference Friday concerning its iPhone 4, which is facing mounting criticism over reception problems tied to antenna design.

An Apple spokesman declined to give further details, including whether the conference will address reported reception problems or Apple’s response to those problems. Apple plans to hold the conference at its headquarters, the spokesman said.

The Next Web has done a good job of shooting down iPhone 4 recall rumors: In a nutshell, there’s still a lot of demand for the phone and a recall would be wildly expensive, so it seems unlikely that that’s what Apple’s up to. Could Apple finally be caving on the free iPhone 4 bumpers which would solve the problem but which Apple has so vehemently opposed up until now? We’ll just have to see. The Journal estimates that if Apple gave away their $29 bumpers to iPhone 4 customers for free, they’d lose $1 to $5 per phone, so that seems the best bet at present.

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