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Anthropomorphic Claymation Penguins From Your Childhood Reenact The Thing

And Now For Something Completely Different

A disclosure up front: nobody in the office today watched Pingu, a British/Swiss claymation show that ran in the late eighties. But here’s a quote from Wikipedia:

“Grandfather is Pingu and Pinga’s grandfather. He is the father of Pingu and Pinga’s Father. He is an expert accordionist, and this was shown in the episode “Pingu & the Braces”. He is also a former professional weight lifter and political activist from 1938[citation needed].”

Jill recommends this video it because it is “cute.” I’m not sure I would describe it that way, but it sure has a lot of clay intestines, exactly the way John Carpenter would have wanted it. Make some time for the wonderfully deadpan making-of video below as well.

(via Topless Robot.)

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