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How to Make an Animated Twitter Avatar

Twitter is a popularity contest and animated GIFs remain the coolest thing on the Internet, so it follows that if you can make your Twitter avatar into an animated GIF, you will be the coolest kid on school and thusly win Twitter. But how to do it? Sadly, if you upload an animated GIF to Twitter when you’re trying to set your icon and you have to resize the GIF, the animation breaks. But Greg Leuch has written a short, handy guide to overcoming adversity and making your Twitter avatar as animated as the twinkling stars in heaven above:

1. Find a suitable animated GIF or create one of your own at

2. Use the tool below to automatically resize your GIF to Twitter’s 48×48:

3. Download the resulting image, log in to your Twitter profile, and select the GIF for your Twitter profile picture.

That’s it! If you don’t want to bother with the web tool Leuch has a guide to animating your avatar using Photoshop.

(Greg Leuch via BuzzFeed)

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