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12 Animated GIFs That Can Be Used to Replace Conversation

Everyone likes a good animated gif, but what people may not realize is that many of them are perfect for cutting verbal communication from one’s daily routine, saving vital time in the process by avoiding having to type out a response. After a few years of communication in animated gifs, one may have successfully shaved a good chunk–possibly even a few minutes–from their daily routine.

1. “No.”

2. “WHAT?!”

3. “Say it ain’t so.”

4. “Deal with it.”

5. “…the hell is wrong with you?”

6. “Haters gonna hate.”

7. “Proud of yourself?”

8. “Well, this is awkward.”

9. “DIE!”

10. “For Christ’s sake.”

10b. Extra emphasis.

11. “You’ve blown my mind.”

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