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This Is An Android Kegerator. Your Move, Apple


Do you really need a highly sophisticated, Arduino-powered, Android tab-operated kegerator with its taps coming out of the Android mascot’s arms? Probably not. Of course you do. That’s why Paul Carff built “Besty the KegDroid, to fill this gaping hole in beer dispensing technology. Aside from just looking awesome, the KegDroid has some pretty useful functionality that can help prevent unauthorized imbibition of your favorite alcoholic potable.

Using a NFC ID card, users can sign in to the device, at which point it fetches their name and picture from their Google+ account. Then, using the custom app on the mounted Xoom tablet, users can select their choice of beer and the size of the pour, a 1oz. taste, an 8oz. pour, or a full-fledged 14oz glassful. After selection, all the drinker has to do is open the tap and hold the glass while the KegDroid dispenses the appropriate amount of hoppy goodness. All that’s left for the drinker to do is to pursue priority number 1: Drinking. This, my friends, is technology at its finest. Your move, Apple.

And check out KegDroid’s mother project, KegBot.

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It are go good with pizza

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