Free Android Network App Could Serve as Hacker Toolbox

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Script-kiddies are what experienced hackers call people who hack thing by using programs or scripts that automate the process. They don’t actually know how to hack anything, they just know how to use software that does. The Android Network Toolkit app could be a script-kiddies’ dream come true. The app, released by Zimperium, has functionality the includes the ability to spy on a machine, take remote screenshots, and eject the CD tray. Oh, also, it’s free.

What? Why? How? Well, Zimperium is actually in the security business and the app is intended for use in sniffing out security holes. You use it on your own network to make sure that no one else can do these things. At least, that’s what you do in theory. The release of this app, for free no less, is questionable, but its existence might actually convince people to download it and secure their computers before someone else can exploit them. Still, seems like sort of an arms race. The app itself states “Please remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely,” but not all of us are Spider-Man.

(via Ubergizmo)

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