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Andrew Yang, Supposed New Yorker, Likes TIMES SQUARE’S Subway Stop Best?

Ziwe and Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is running for mayor of New York City, and while he knows absolutely nothing about being a New Yorker and constantly proves why he should not be mayor, he went on Ziwe to, I guess, try to make himself relatable? But it’s Ziwe so she, of course, humiliated him in the way that only Ziwe can.

The entire interview is a great look at how out of touch Yang is with the criticisms of him or why people aren’t exactly cheering for him to be in the mayoral race. He can’t even name a Jay-Z song when Ziwe asks him what hip-hop he listened to. He OFFERS up Jay-Z and can barely think of a song—not even “Empire State of Mind,” which SAYS NEW YORK IN THE CHORUS.

But I want to focus on something that is truly serial killer behavior: Andrew Yang saying that his favorite subway station is the Times Square station.

Let me put the Times Square subway station into perspective for you (as an actual New Yorker who takes the train): Imagine you get off the train and the station you’re in is just a never-ending sequence of staircases that never make sense, and then you turn and there is suddenly a store that sells Funkos with random singers standing in front of it, and you bypass all of that to go up a million more stairs, and you’re then bombarded with a million people trying to take a picture with Elmo for no reason. THAT’S Andrew Yang’s favorite subway station. No New Yorker would ever willingly go to that station unless their life depended on it.

It’s just chaos in the worst possible way. I couldn’t tell you a single one of my friends who enjoys going to Times Square, and I’m a theatre kid. We’re always there seeing shows. So for Andrew Yang to offer that information up? Diabolical.

Like … just huge Michael Scott energy.

But at least Michael Scott didn’t pretend to be a New Yorker and run for mayor. What this does is just show how out of touch with New Yorkers Yang is. The majority of us do not want to go Times Square, let alone call it our favorite stop, but it makes sense since that’s where Yang lives. Most of the people he would represent as mayor exist within the boroughs, and he is completely out of touch about what most of us want/need.

So sorry to Andrew Yang, but you will continue to not make my ranked voting ballot, and I hope you find peace within yourself and realize that Times Square is literally hell on Earth.

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