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Revealed: Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Geek. Heaven. First Captain America pics, and now the first shot of Andrew Garfield in the Spidey suit has been released! This comes on the heels of the first pics with Garfield out of costume as Peter Parker making moves on his original love, Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone. Noticeably different in this reboot is that Peter Parker/Spider-Man is actually skinny and nerdy — like he’s supposed to be! And a little emo, but that’s okay! As much as some of us enjoyed Tobey Maguire’s shirtless scene in the most recent incarnation of the franchise, Peter Parker was just not supposed to be jacked up.

But if you take a closer look at this new costume, specifically at the wrists: Could those be non-organic web shooters? It certainly looks like there’s metal there, indicating that Peter constructs web shooters like he did originally. That’s pretty exciting. And that’s what we call a reboot, ladies and gents.

(Ain’t It Cool News)

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