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An Ode to Mick Fleetwood’s Bucket Hat

Mick Fleetwood

I love Fleetwood Mac and their music so much and so when Christine McVie passed away this year, it felt like a personal loss to so many fans of the band. McVie wrote one of the most beautiful songs from the band in “Songbird” and so to honor her, Mick Fleetwood was joined by Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt to sing it in the In Memoriam.

The performance was part of a three part section of the awards that had Kacey Musgraves honoring country legends like Loretta Lynn who passed away and Quavo’s performing for Takeoff, his fellow Migos member and family member. It was an emotional sequence of performances and while I did cry through all three, I did instantly stop and say “what is that on his head” when Mick Fleetwood came out in a bucket hat.

Yes, you read that right. He wore a bucket hat to perform for his former band mate and on the stage at the Grammys. Why? Because he wanted to, I guess? But I am unfortunately going to think about it for so long because it was just a wild performance from him in general. Fleetwood was there and he was the drums/percussion for Fleetwood Mac and was doing the same during the performance but it’s just…the bucket hat.

Look, his entire job at this was to honor his friend and so if he wanted to roll out wearing a shirt from 1974, I’d let him do it. But it was just jarring to be crying over those we lost and then suddenly we were staring at a bucket hat playing a drum.

You too can wear a bucket hat

The hat was representing Fleetwood’s own brand and while I don’t think he wore it so people would go and buy it, it is just an odd choice when he had on a plain black hat on the carpet and could have just kept wearing it if he wanted to have a hat on his head.

Honestly I’m not really mad about it. I just have questions about the thought process. Was he just like yes this is what I wear to somber events? I need my bucket hat? Or was it just what went with his outfit? We all seem to now be obsessed with it but it’s just a bit wild to suddenly see a bucket hat on stage.

If Mick Fleetwood started to host a boat tour where he sat and wore a bucket hat and just played the percussion parts of Fleetwood Mac songs, I would honestly consider going to it. It would be absolutely wild but I would have a fun time even if I would have to steal Fleetwood’s bucket hat by the end of the performance.

Whatever the thought behind it was, I’m just now going to be looking for where I can buy this bucket hat because I do, unfortunately need one.

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