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Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Trolls Disney, Teases Season 3 in New Webisode

Fox News spoof 'Seven on 7' returns with more Easter eggs for season 3 of the Amazon series.

While season 3 of Amazon’s raunchy superhero drama The Boys won’t hit our screens until 2022, the show’s producers are keeping us entertained with their bitingly satirical web series, ‘Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman’. The series sees Coleman (Matthew Edison), the smarmy Tucker Carlson-like host of Vought News Network, cover the top seven news stories of the day with all the faux outrage and jingoism of any Fox News segment.

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‘Seven on 7’ pokes fun at the conservative cable news outrage machine, while also taking aim at politics, corporations, and our collective superhero industrial complex. The latest episode sets its sights squarely on Disney, poking fun at Disneyland’s Avengers Campus with a fake commercial for VoughtLand, the Super Park. There’s the Homelander Extreme Flight rollercoaster, as well as stage show ‘Soldier Boy, Ahoy!’ a musical tribute to the superhero team Payback, featuring Crimson Countess (The Walking Dead‘s Laurie Holden).

The commercial also takes a swing at corporations co-opting Pride celebrations, with the attraction Brave Maeve’s Inclusive Kingdom, which features plenty of rainbow merch. But VoughtLand isn’t the only dig at Disney. Coleman also reports on the runaway success of Vought+, a streaming service with original superhero content in the vein of Disney+ and HBO Max.

‘Seven on 7’ also attacks Rep. Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), her employee Hughie (Jack Quaid), and their work with the FBSA (Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs) which has overseen a decrease in superhero-related violence. We also get a quick segment on lesser known superhero Groundhawk, a short-statured man with hammer hands who is going back to rehab for the fifth time.

Speaking of superheroes, the segment introduces us to Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flanery), a gun-loving retired member of Payback who is launching a junior shooter program to get guns in the hands of kids. “The program aims to teach children how to safely carry and handle firearms and to cherish their God-given Second Amendment rights,” quips Coleman before saluting to camera. Gunpowder will be one of the returning members of Payback, along with the Crimson Countess and Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles.

The Seven speedster A-Train is also featured at a press conference, where he bows out of an upcoming race to do some classified hero work … or is he just heading to Herogasm? Coleman also takes time to attack Secretary of Defense Robert Singer (Jim Beaver) who may be eyeing a run for president. These are all likely Easter eggs for what’s to come in season 3.

There’s lots to unpack in this dense webisode, that packs in several Easter eggs for season 3 while artfully mocking Fox News and conservative panic. And while season 3 of The Boys is months away, ‘Seven on 7′ provides plenty of the series’ signature pitch black humor.

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